generation why.

Aug 3, 2009

we are the generation of the non-committal.

"are you coming to the party?"
even facebook has an outlet for our fear of commitment.

we have a hard time saying a solid yes or no.
sometimes to already ambiguous plans.
"show up around 9."
"bring stuff ... if you want."
"we should hang out sometime."

from plans... to relationships... or even the lack thereof.
we have a hard time buckling down and committing.

the ncmo (non-committal make out). casual sex. fears of what the future holds.
all stem, to some degree, from our fear of saying yes.
or even of saying no.

what if something better comes along and i've already committed to this activity/person/career/lifestyle?

well, guess what.
something, inevitably, will always come along.

and as someone guilty of the frequent maybe ... i'm learning that it usually hurts people's feelings more if you say "yeah, probably" and then never show up --instead of just saying "sorry. can't (or won't)."

my goal: commit.


  1. SO. TRUE.

    I never really thought about how much this "non-committal" lifestyle is now the plague until you pointed it out. I, with you, will pledge to be as commital as I can!

  2. Ughhh I could have written this myself! I need to be better at this too.

  3. I, maybe, really, kind of, liked this entry.

  4. SERIOUSLY-How do you read my mind?!?!

  5. It's practically lying to not be commital. No really, there are some connexions.

  6. Can I just say that I TOTALLY have this problem. It's bad.

  7. You are better than I. I recently made the vow to STOP committing to everyone to avoid conflicts...


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