Dear New Week,

Aug 24, 2009

this is called you are my sunshine.
♥i love it.♥

Dear Car Thief,
Thanks again for taking my car. If there was one thing I really wanted --it was to have to bike 3 miles to work every day, you freakin meth head. I hope the police find you. And when they do, you BETTER believe that I will press as many charges as they will allow me to. And thanks again for allowing my to leave church early to go meet a police officer to find my car severely beaten. And thanks even more for letting me spend my Sunday night trying to remember everything that was in my car so I can fill it out for the insurance claims and understand all the crap you took out of my car and assess all the damage you did to my car. Including taking my lovely $200 ski jacket that I LOVED. That was awesome. I hate you. I hope you have a horrible Monday. Thanks for beating up my car, jerk.

Dear Diet Coke,
Thanks for being the lifeblood flowing through my veins. It's too bad I'm addicted to you and get headaches when I don't have you. But I'll keep chuggin' as long as you're around.

Dear Great Friends/AMAZING Family,
Thanks for cheering me up. Thanks for being there for me to talk to. And thanks for the rides, the calls, the Facebook messages, the texts, and the emails. I'm grateful for friends who are anxious to see me, to talk to me, and anxious to have me involved in their lives. I am extremely grateful for this, and for each of you (whether you read this or not).
P.S. to one of you in particular: Just go for it. I'd be shocked if the results weren't what I predicted. And I so desperately want to be right and to see you happy for the first time in a while. Keep on keepin' on--it'll come, I promise.

Dear New-Found News Blog,
Seriously, my life is lived MAINLY in a newsroom (cough..workaholic..cough). That's why Overheard in the Newsroom is HYSTERICAL to me. We all become journalists to change the world ...and become cynics in the process. And witty cynics at that. I'm grateful for the laugh you gave me today.

Dear Butt-face,
WHAT IS UP WITH YOU LATELY?! Gosh. I am seriously sick of this weird ...fake you. I want the real you back. And soon. I miss that person.

Dear Beautiful Chevy Cobalt,
I want you. You seem wonderful, and safe, and full of air conditioning, and less susceptible to break ins and theft. You, have my heart right now, you cute little thing. I hope we can become ... an item.

Dear Nail Polish,
The normally bright colored, happy, perky me...gave into your gorgeous dark plum color (21:Uptempo Plum). And it's beautiful. And I love love love your fast drying nature. For someone who has noooo patience for nail polish drying time ... you really are SO fast drying. I love you.

Dear Power that Is:
I am grateful that, while it was an unfortunate experience, I am learning grown up lessons from the events of last week. I am also grateful that I am safe and that I was not in my car or terrorized by the creeper who took it. I'm grateful that I know that You're mindful of me... and that You have the ability to forever show me the good and beautiful through the fog:

I think this picture is breathtaking.
THANK YOU for everything.

Dear BYU,
I miss you still. Braden's texts make me miss you more/still. I can't wait to see your lovely self, your cute little campus come October. Mmmm. Football.

Dear Life...
I don't know what to do with you sometimes. Here's to figuring it out one step at a time.




    It had me laughing, and it had me wishing I could give you a big ol' hug.

    Sorry to hear about your car being rampaged by a meth head... :( I hope your insurance covers all damages/losses.

    I was thinking how much I'd love to go to a BYU football game this fall. Probably won't happen. But it'd be fun. :)

  2. On "Dear Friends," did you tell your unnamed acquantiance to shoot her/himself? That just doesn't sound right Siovhan.

  3. I'm with you, babe. Left foot, right foot... (sigh).

  4. Dear Siovhan,
    this post just made my day. you are fabulous. diet coke is our friend, butt faces are not.


  5. You crack my arse up. Damn meth addicts. Oh and the grey and black dresses are different but very similar.

  6. Dear Siovhan,

    You are awesome. Almost as awesome as Jesus. I would say as awesome, but that would be blasphemy.


  7. My first time stumbling upon your page and will definitely be back! ha!

  8. Dear Siovhan,

    You're welcome. Thank YOU for the link :)



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