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Aug 28, 2009

Best Friend Friday.
You know the deal: Getting to know me by getting to know some of the people who helped me become who I am today..


This is my Lyndsi Shae.
I actually have an awkward story to begin our friendship.
I had a roommate: Megumi who had a sister: Yoko who had a roommate: Sabrina who had this awesome friend Lyndsi Shae. Well, as I've already told you... I love the facebook pictures. So one day I came upon pictures this girl's awesome dorm room:


I seriously loved the pictures I saw, and found out that this girl and I had such similar tastes/likes. And the next semester SHE MOVED IN TWO DOORS DOWN.
what are the chances?!
(that, my friends, is some SERIOUS divine intervention.)
So I'm a creeper turned best friend. Awesome.
And she calls me Shavondah.
But, seriously. This girl is one of the most gorgeous, talented, intelligent, deep, amazing, wonderful, charitable people I know. She teaches me each day and I would literally jump in front of a train for this girl. I love her. Oh and she is a freakin' dank writer.
So meet my Lyndsi Shae.

How did we meet?
One day I was sittin in my kitchen. Mind you, it was a huge deal that I had a room to call MY KITCHEN, so this small activity was being absolutely relished. I'd just come from a year at DT and my grown-up GLENWOOD apartment was my pride and joy. (Yes. I like the Glenwood.) Siovhan came in because she was meetin the women. She didn't say "it's because i'm your relief society president and i rock at my calling even though girls are mean." She didn't say "oh by the way i own this glenwood place on account of i've lived here all my life." I think she just focused on me. I know that she sat in the seat across from me, full of bouncy Siovhan bubbles. I told her her hair was rockin. And then proceeded to marvel. It was in curly mode that day.
(Dude, that is a memory I love. And I'm pretty sure my hair looked like Shirley Temple's...I know how curly that sucker was. AND we both hearted the glen'hood. It was a greattt time. )

What's your first memory of us?
Her realization of my mass eating habits. This means she invited me for french toast and greatly underestimated my abilities. Was it 9 pieces? Peanut Butter and syrup on each. Oh yeah.
(Okay, readers, seriously. 9 pieces --TEXAS TOAST style. And peaches. That was when I knew we were meant to be friends. If you can be that pretty and funny and eat that much --you're one down to earth lady.)

What's your favorite memory of us/adventure we've had?
I listed a bunch of things I remember, but deleted them, because they're not the point. Me and my Shavondah don't travel or bust out extraordinary events too much. We just speak most of the time, usually late at night, and that part is the point. When I talk to Siovhan about myself, I learn new things by listening. She kinda draws new words out of me. When I listen to Siovhan, I just get bigger. My love grows. When we combine this with smooshed up coconut popsicles and a good frozen pizza, adventures ensue.

There is one time that I didn't delete: Seeing your new life in the Eug, and discovering the coast by your lighthouse. It was a big deal for me to make it to this phase of you.
(Sigh. I want to be her when I grow up. My Lyndsi Shae owns a huge chunk of my heart. Not only is she a best friend ... she's a good friend. Like greattttt quality. Stands by me through thick and thin. She was even good enough to de-friend the jerk I used to date. One of few friends who did.)

Where are you living right now?
I'm in the basement of a very old house in Provo.
Check it: We have a bomb shelter.

(It's true. I have yet to visit it...but the pictures make it look schweet.)

What's your favorite food?
Biscuits and Gravy.
Also most things that include mass quantities of cheese.
(That's where we became soulmates. I heart cheese. Always.)

What's your favorite color?
Green. Sometimes red when I need extra help feeling like a strong, powerful woman... but always green.

Name some physical objects that define you.
Ferris wheel. Mini van. Porch Swing. Firefly. Hammock. Bridge. Trampoline. Butter. Firework, the one with the falling gold sparks after the boom.
(Yep. Still wanna be her.)

What's your most used word?
When I'm writing I use the same words all the time, I really love: RESONATE, and REVERIE because of what they mean. I like WALLABY and KASWOOSH for how they sound. And then sometimes my speaking etiquette goes down the tube in the name of obnoxious abbreviations like:I HAD A SPLOGE WHEN I SAW THE OSH WHICH IS MABES BECAUSE I'M A SPAZ, AS YOOJSH. [I had an explosion when I saw the ocean, which is maybe because I'm a spaz, as usual.]
(Listening to us talk ... must sound like a lot of gibberish... but it's AWESOME. In fact, I would be doing it right now if I wasn't at work.)

What's your favorite movie?
These days, its The Secret Life of Bees... but read the book first.

Movie you can recite from heart?
(Dude, this girl is Pocahontas.)

What's your favorite thing to do in/with your spare time?
Write. Write write writewritewritewritewritewrite.
(This girl can fill a journal in 3 days. No joke.)

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
If I'm being grown-up about this question, probably an author or poet. I'd have to pick one I love that didn't have suicidal tendencies... so that's hard. Maybe Toni Morrison.

If I'm being a kid like usual, a mermaid.
Or maybe someone with dreads that plays the cello. I would like that.
Oh! Or Beyonce of course.
If I'm being a genuine combination of both, my Dad. I'd love to have that window into how his mind ticks.
(I love this! Beyonce...dang gina. That would be awesome. We could legit do the all the single ladies dance. You have the best and most original answers.)

If you could vacation anywhere in the world [free of cost] where would that be?
Honestly, probably Cape Hatteras island. It's off the coast of NC and I go every year, but it is my favorite place in the world. On a less sentimental day I might pick Italy for its famous combination of: Ocean, carbs, and pretty words.
(No carb left behind.)

What is your favorite comfort food?
**Shavondah these food questions are HARD.** I just love Hamburger Helper. The fiesta cheezy quesadilla kind with rice. And I can eat it all by myself! (Espesh when accompanied by a bag of tortilla chips.) But you can have some if you want, so don't be worried and hungry about that.
(See?! Generous and down to earth. Gahh. I miss my bff.)

What's your favorite quote?
Oh man I'm bad at favorites. Here is one I love, but don't share very often:

"At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique... and yet which connects us to everyone else."
--George Leonard

What things do you just absolutely love right now?
Lately I am experiencing this beautiful contradiction between
1. Feeling the power and potential of my free agency, and
2. Knowing that many outcomes are out of my very small hands.
I both love it and go nuts from it-- daily.

Also: My Mom. My party bed-- me and Brooklyn moved into a new room and pushed our beds together like old times. My Stoph. Taylor Swift. And oddly enough, Lemonade Popsicles.
(SO DEEP. And dude, party bed = awesome. Everyone should experience this at least once.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A writer. A Mom. Not necessarily in that order, but simultaneously and forever.

Oh my holy. I MISS THIS GIRL. I hope you love her at least a fraction of what I do. My Lyndsi Shae is pretty fabtastic. She's one of those people I literally know I could call and ask to do anything and she would because she loves her friends. I don't think I realized how much I missed her til I posted this. She came to visit me and we had so much fun. I can't wait to see her in a few months!!


p.s. we totally had pirate day at work. i have to get the pic from katie and then i'll post it here. awwww yeah.


  1. "At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique... and yet which connects us to everyone else."
    --George Leonard

    Love this.

  2. If I could, I would eat 9 pieces of Texas toast!!!

  3. This is such a cool idea! I love hearing friendship stories. Oh, and thank you for the Target headband tip! Next time I'm there, I'll scope them out. Then to the craft store to revamp them... :) Yay for projects.

  4. I love this post! Meg and I should interview each other. We met as sophmores in high school and have been besties every since!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I love bffs! I want to do this with mine!

  6. Nine pieces of french toast with peanut butter and syrup? I tip my hat to you, Lyndsi Shae. You are incredible (in more ways than eating french toast). I am honored to know Lyndsi Shae.

  7. lol...

    Yay for BFFs! The world would be so much more harsh without them.


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