best friend fridays: my big numero uno

Aug 7, 2009


Yep, that's right my little bloggerinas.
I'm a firm believer that "you are who you spend time with."
In order to understand what makes me tick...we look to my best friends.
{this is in no way meant to exclude any of my fabulous friends.}
[in fact, this will eventually probably become friendly fridays so I can showcase all you lovelies.]
(pssst. my commentary will be in the parentheses.)

First to the person who is my truest best friend.
She knows me better {and longer} than anyone else.


How did we meet?
The first time I saw you was on a warm, sunny, Monday morning in early June.
June 2nd to be exact.
(It's true. The first and only time in my life I was ever on time. Right on my due date.)
What's your first memory of us?
Having Dr. Gammett tell Dad, "It's a boy!"...."No wait, it's a girl."
Dad says, "Put her back, I don't want a girl that looks like a boy!"
Dr. Gammett: "Usually that much hair, means it's a boy. I have never been wrong before."
Dad: "Well, you didn't look closely at my head first did you?"
He was slightly balding at that point.
(Awww. Why thanks, Dad. I promise I look like a girl. And I have LOADS of hair still. And yay for an embarrassing moment on the blog! Ehhhh.)
What's your favorite memory of us/adventure we've had?
Driving across Nebraska and Wyoming together.
With you entertaining me with songs from "Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," "Wizard of Oz," British nursery rhymes, etc.
(Still can. Honestly, I can still sing every song from these movies. And painfully, can still imitate my British nursery rhymes tapes my dad got me.)
Where are you living right now?
Good ol' Massachusetts
(Sigh. It's true. Opposite coasts. My heart's still there.)
What's your favorite food?
Anything, except cantaloupe or eggplant. Bleahky.
(I inherited this. I hate this stuff. Ewww.)
What's your favorite color?
Sage green
(I actually didn't know this. Cool. It makes sense though, seeing as our living room is )
What's your most used word?
(Completely 100% true. And it's Awwweeeesome. Elongated. And with the same look on her face.)
What's your favorite movie?
My Fair Lady
(Interesting note: I went to three different video stores to rent this exact movie last night. My mom instilled within me a deep love of both Eliza Dolittle and Henry Higgins.)
Movie you can recite from heart?
Any Disney princess movie
(It's true. Between me and my sister--she's been forced to watch them for nearly 20 years now.)
What's your favorite thing to do in/with your spare time?
Read, sleep.
(Well chosen, mom. Some of my very own favorite pastimes. Wonder where I got that from?! haha.)
If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
Not really sure. I don't want to be famous.
I would like to travel, but I don't want to be hassled while traveling.
Maybe with Howard
(my dad). No, he gets searched every time he travels.
So I guess, I would just like to be me, but with the money to visit my daughter in Oregon and take my children with me.
(My mom has never been one to think of great extravagances. She's very sensible and doesn't like big crowds or great hassles. My mom hates the mall. How funny is that?! I wish I was more like that.)

If you could vacation anywhere in the world [free of cost] where would that be?
Eugene, Oregon for weeks on end.
What is your favorite comfort food?
Fresh baked bread.
(She makes BOMB DIG good bread! Dang I want some with her honey butter on it. Right. Now.)
What's your favorite quote?
I have two:"To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."
Robert Louis Stevenson

"Things will work out. If you keep trying, and praying and working, things will work out. They always do. If you want to die at an early age, dwell on the negative. Accentuate the positive and you'll be around for a while."
President Gordon B. Hinckley
(Sigh. My mom is a genius.)

What things do you just absolutely love right now?
The smell of clean: clean hair, clean rooms, clean air, clean laundry, you know: clean.
(She's the one you can find at Yankee Candle surrounded by the Clean Linen candles. She does love clean. She's snuggles warm, clean towels some days. Mmmm. That's comfort.)
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A good mom and a good grandmother. Someone my children can confide in and think that it was worth their time telling me their thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams.
(Don't let her fool you. She already is. We all consider her one, if not the closest, of our friends.)


Thanks mom!
I'm sure if you ask her.... she'll be more than willing to tell you a billion embarrassing and not so embarrassing stories about me.


  1. This is so sweet! Loved 'meeting' your mama!

  2. I love that you love your mom. I think she's pretty great too. Those pictures are awesome.

  3. What a fun idea!!!
    I love the story of your dad telling the doctor to put you back if you were a girl that looked like a boy!!! HAHA That's so great. Loved gettin to know your momma!

  4. Aweeeesome to fresh baked bread. Oh man I could go for some of that right now too.

  5. I had no idea that the AWWWWWWWESOME thing was inherited. Two nights ago I arose from my bed to go to wal mart because I was cravin a chocolatepudding/crushed-up oreos combination. Eventually, it was assembled. And I literally did circles in my kitchen, thinking of you and saying AWWWWWWESOME AWWWWWWWESOME AWWWWWWWESOME.

    I've so been wanting to tell you that. Congratulations on your Mom bein your best friend. Sweetest life ever.

  6. Awwww, love meeting your mama! So sweet. Now for those embarrassing stories...


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