best friend friday set & match

Aug 14, 2009

That's right friends. It's another installation of Best Friend Friday.
Where you get to meet some of the people who helped me become who I am today.

This is Kellie.
I've blogged about her before.I hooked her and her hubby up. {woo!woo!}
She's pretty much amazing.
In fact, I took the above picture from her album from when she went to Ghana to help film a documentary for BYU.
See evidence here, here, here, and wiki.

How did we meet?
BYU newsroom, Winter Semester 2008...I was an Assignment Manager, you were an Executive Producer.
(Plus Kellie was one of my baby producers that semester. Not that they were babies...but that they were newbies and I got to teach them all my wily producing ways.)

What's your first memory of us?
Asking you if your name was Siovhan because I was putting together a contact sheet for everyone in the newsroom. Little did I know we were destined to become best friends.
(That's entirely true. Kellie was probably my favorite face to see at 7am when I reported to work. She was always smiling to matter how late I was or how cranky I seemed. Plus we had rad lunch breaks together after the shows.)

What's your favorite memory of us/adventure we've had?
Hot tubbing at Glenwood. And that first night at yoasis when I asked you if you knew anyone that I could date. :)
(Dude, we hot tubbed all the time. Or sat on the floor in my apartment and laughed for hours. I even have a picture of us doing EXACTLY that. And who knew that night would end up being so fateful. (Dun dun dunnnn...))

Where are you living right now?
Orem, basement apartment...Too far away from you.
(A-freakin-men. We are WAY too far apart.)

What's your favorite food?
Yoasis frozen yogurt. Mashed potatoes. Costa Vida pork salad. And Better-than-sex cake. Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily combined.
(I'm really hungry now. I want Cafe Rio and Yoasis beyond anything right now.)

What's your favorite color?
Depends on the day, or even the second you ask me. When I started typing the answer to this question, I was going to say yellow. But now I feel like red is more appropriate. And by the time you post this on your blog, I will have decided on a different one.
(In fact, thus far, Kellie is the only one to color her answers.)

What's your most used word?
Well, when I'm writing news stories, words like "officials" "investigators" "fire" "blaze" "destroyed" and "arrested" seem to come up a lot. You know, happy words.
(I love this. And it's totally true.)

What's your favorite movie?
Again, this depends on when you ask me. Right now, it's Hitch. But tomorrow it could be something completely different.

Movie you can recite from heart?
Anything Disney, particularly Finding Nemo and the Little Mermaid.
(I'm pretty sure Kellie and I could a very convincing rendition of the Little Mermaid--seeing as we both can do it word for word.)

What's your favorite thing to do in/with your spare time?
I don't have a lot of spare time, but sometimes I like to pretend I do. And when that happens, I'm usually sleeping or filling out one of these questionnaires.
(Yay for using your sparse free time to help a sister out!)

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would you chose?
Mmm, I don't know. I'm a pretty big fan of my own life...but maybe if I could trade places with Ariel the little mermaid for a day, that would be cool.
(Can I be your "guppy" sidekick?!)

If you could vacation anywhere in the world [free of cost] where would that be?
Europe. Anywhere and everywhere in Europe. And then I'd hop on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean (which I guess is still Europe.)
(HOT dang. I want to come with! I'm pretty sure we'd reek some serious havoc on Europe, and make some incredible memories!!)

What is your favorite comfort food?
Better-than-sex cake. I'm eating it right now.
(That's my girl. I completely support that.)

What's your favorite quote?
I've heard a lot of good quotes. One that's currently at the forefront of my consciousness is this, "A flute with no hole is not a flute, and a donut with no hole is a Danish."
What it means, I don't know. Why I thought of it, is beyond me.
(hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha. what the heck?)

What things do you just absolutely love right now?

Siovhan. Cake. Days off work. My husband. And my Kitchenaid.
(I had to be on the list. Um, BFF. And the KitchenAid--best creation ever. And I've heard husbands are cool. And what's a day off?)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A superhero that can point at any surface or pile of junk in the house and it will automatically clean itself up. But, if that doesn't work out, I'd like to be a news producer.
(I'd love that. Harry Potter House Cleaning. AWEEESEEOME. And I'd love to be a news producer--how do I do that?!)


Kellie is the bomb dot com. I have so many awesome memories of times we got to spend together. Basically, I love the girl to death. I even tried to get her a job up here at my station so we could continue to be BFF--but she got married instead ...which I guess is okay. haha.
You can hit Kellie up at Stuff of Thought.
Or if you're in the Utah her stuff on KSL.

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