the wish list begins...

Jul 27, 2009

once upon a time in a magical place called the glenwood
this glenwood --rather this one)
i had two fabuloso roommates.
{actually, living there for four years, i had many upon many fabulous roommates} but this story pertains to these two. or at least...involves.

their names were andrea and megan.
these magical friends of mine were just that. magic.
we loved every waking moment we spent together.
{and there were a lot of them.}
well, seeing as megan's from california, and i'm from boston...we never got to go to our own family dinners. so andrea's awesome family took it upon themselves to adopt us and feed us.

well, it wasn't just andrea's immediate family either.

the mix usually included meg and i, parents, sister carrie, brothers michael and ryan and matt (and matt's family), as well as three of andrea's cousins (becky, jj, and colby).
each sunday we gathered together for "family dinner" and to catch up on each others' lives. we laughed, shared food, and a lot of funny stories with several near misses to liquids projecting out of someone's nose. and sister westover's quest was always to make a match. she almost succeeded once with megan and andrea's brother michael. but me, i always had my eye on andrea's cousin jj (who i pray doesn't read this). he was so adorable.

the real reason i think i thought of jj today (besides the fact that colby showed up on my facebook newsfeed) is that on the plane the other day i read an article where the girl said when she was ready to look for a serious relationship she sat down and made a list of the real qualities she needed in a man. the must-have, the hope-he-has and the deal-breakers were her three categories.

jj was fabulous. beyond his gorgeous (perfect shade of surfer blonde) hair and his incredible singing voice, he was the kind of guy who always made you feel like a million bucks. you could be sitting across the table wearing a ratty old hoodie and pajama pants with sloppy joe all over your mouth, and he'd still treat you like it was a priviledge to have you around. like he was lucky to get to spend that time with you. no matter what. and he always had a smile on his face and a funny story to tell you. a fabulous, fabulous sense of humor.

my friends, that goes on my list.
a million bucks treating, smiley, and good humored.

here's to hoping today someone {anyone} treats you like a million bucks.
because you deserve it.


  1. I am making that list too. love this post! Also, because of your awesome blog, you are no longer on my hit list for divulging my corrupt self.

  2. Capricorn treats me like a federal bailout- just when you think there can't be any more generous giving, she gives a little more.


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