when i was younger, so much younger than today...

Jul 20, 2009

In the interest of disclosure--here's a secret.
Back when I was still an undergrad, I loved my job (that's not the secret).
I was good at it.
But I did stuff on the side; and the University knew all along.

I was...gasp!...a T.A.
For 2 semesters I helped grade papers, revamp PowerPoints, assign groups, and generally watch over the
Sports Broadcasting Class
at BYU.
(I also took the class 1 semester.)
When I wasn't T.A.-ing, I was working on sports crews at games for: football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, soccer, you name it.
I loved it.

I miss it desperately.

Looking at me you may not see the sportsy girl--but she is there.
I'm a girl you can find actually paying attention when a game is on. I'm still chatty, but I watch and care.
I love SportsCenter. ESPNRadio is programed in my presets in Jamal.
Back in 2004, I spent SEVERAL useful studying hours instead watching baseball game after baseball game.
I had tickets to EVERY BYU home football game all four years of college.
I still long to produce for ESPN or NESN or even Versus.


In the process of this class, one of the lessons focused on producing promotions for upcoming games/events. Jason (the teacher) taught us about the role music plays in these kinds of commercials. That very night, in a frenzy of excitement, I went home and created an iPod playlist with songs I thought would make great backgrounds for promos. To this day when I hear certain songs, I piece together what sport/how I would promo it with that song.

So, here's a little sampling of my promo muscial tastes.
Remember, in this case, it's all about the music--not the words.

Get a playlist! Standalone player

So, welcome to one of my crazy little quirks!

p.s. an update about vacation is on its way when i have more patience for uploading pictures from the phone/get pictures from the familia.


  1. your chance to become a ESPN producer has not passed!!!! You (we) are still young, and you still have a chance to do whatever you want! YAY! Don't forget that!!!!!!! And I love those promo songs!!

  2. NESN! NESN! NESN!! you would be SO much better than some of the bimbos that actually work there...

  3. OMG I can totally see you on ESPN...a pretty girl with a brain and love for sports?! DO IT! I watch Sportscenter at night sometimes...are you proud?!!

    Yay you're back, I missed you dude. Sorry about the oil effing everywhere!!!!!!

  4. LOVE NESN. I love that there is Red Sox going pretty much 24/7. I love your home 'area'!!!

  5. I like your playlist, and I thought Phil Collins was an unconventional choice. Well done, though. You can make it Siovhan, you can make it.


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