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Jul 30, 2009

i am hair bored.
(wow. i've been at work too long because my next sentence was:
"this comes after months of trying to grow my hair out.")
i've been growing it for months and it finally rests about 2 inches below my shoulder line.
now...here comes the boredom.

i don't know whether to just chop, color, beg and plead libby to stick extensions in ... or what.

i think some of it came from my LOVE of mandizzle's headbands.

aren't they FABULOUS?!!!
you can buy them in her etsy shop here (or click on picture).

i loveeeee the silver ropey one.
plus that girl has SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL HAIR. i'm envious.
(and covet her cheekbones. geez.)

and while i don't watch greys or private practice, i LOVE kate's hair and i'm thinkin about goin red.
or at least short again like her mid-length bob.

i love that gorgeous copper red color.

hmmmm. that takes more deciding though.

and while we're on the subject of things i love...

check out these two jackets from forever21.
i love them.
over a cute dress, or with a fun pencil skirt. yesssss.

anyway...i'm headed to the coast so i'm gettin my crazy self outtahere.


  1. I think mid-length bob with bangs and red would be so fun! I think it would look great!

  2. Love Mandizzle!! Just haven't figured out which one to order yet.

  3. LOVE Kate Walsh's hair!! Tyler has the same color and I wish so bad (sometimes) that I had it too so 1) i looked like his mom, and 2) so i could have kate walsh hair!

  4. There was no warning this time, but I still should have known what this was going to be about when I saw the pictures. Nevertheless, I finished the post.

  5. top left hair color =
    you could totally rock that.
    rocckkkkk thatttt.

    also, i vote right jacket.

    you's a hottie.
    (just reiterating.)
    love you woman!


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