tiny snippets of vacation or what i did on my summer vacation

Jul 25, 2009

{p.s. vacation must be said va-cas-sion... like you would say it if you had a spanish accent.}

Okay, while I wait for more vacation photos from my dad (seeing as my other camera was out of commission) ... the pictures I took on my cell phone (thanks propel) must suffice. Hence the snippets. That's exactly what they are.
Random moments from my time in: the 'lou, the 'voo and the 'ha.

When I arrived in St. Louis we went and toured old downtown St. Charles (a neighboring town/where we used to live). There we found this sign. Best office hours ever.

"We are open most days 9 am or 10 am occasionally as early as 7 am but some days as late as 12 pm or 1 pm. We close about 4 pm or 5 pm but occasionally as late as 11 pm or 12 midnight. Some days or afternoons we are not here at all lately it seems we're here just about all the time except when we're someplace else. Welcome!"

I want these hours.

In St. Charles we window shopped -- the Boltons, we love the antique stores.
This is all my family. Ben, Mom, Dad leaning, Miki, and Braden creepin in the back.

Heck, freakin', yes. The shadow from the top, and the view from the bottom.
I love the arch. Lots.

And this is just some of what you can see from the top. In the picture on the left you can see Busch Stadium. Where the All-Star game happened. (We didn't particpate in the game as tickets were $400 a pop.)

Everyone needs to be a pioneer every so often.
Or at least debate why bonnets ever wen out of style--I would never have to do my hair!

From St. Louis we headed to Nauvoo. It is glorious there.
This is the Nauvoo temple. The original one was destroyed in the 1800s, and it was rebuilt in 2002. It's so pretty, and peaceful, and lovely.

MEGAN! I met Sister Meyers there!!
She had just told me (as my mom explained to her companion that we were related to the companion) that she never got to be like, "yeah, we're related" or "yeah I know them." Then she said she was from North Hollywood--and I knew she'd know you and Bau, and Kiki.

So heading to Omaha we stopped at this truck stop in Iowa (BORING STATE).
After I used the facilities I went to peruse through the vending machines when I discovered none of them had any candy or gum...but they did have one with fake mustaches for a mere 25 cents!! So I bought a couple, surprised my mom as she asked what I was up to, and we proceeded to laugh about them for the rest of the day. My sister's was so great because it matched her hair!

This is the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha.
It's so historic--built next to an old cemetery where several pioneers are buried and where so much hardship happened. It's so gorgeous and secluded from the city.

There is basically nothing big to do in Omaha (we lived there when I was wee tiny).
But the one thing that they have the monopoly on is a BANGIN zoo. They even have an indoor rainforest. It's honestly one of my favorite zoo's ever. You have to check out the website.
That's one gian Koi pond on the left with a bagillion (yes, I counted) fish in it. And on the right are my ring-tailed lemurs. They're far away because they like to move it, move it.

And this last one is for my BYU Newsies.
In the Omaha Airport they had this ad. Does anyone recognize him?
You should. It's Stu Snodgras, good guy turned bad for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Just for Beetle Boy. (This PSA ran EVERY day during our shows.)
I miss that.

So there's the snippets from my vacation.
Real, pretty (yay photographer-on-the-side daddies) to come soon!!

{p.s. just an additional plug. the make a wish foundation is so cool and super important, check the website and see if there's any way you can contribute to making these kids wishes come true.}


  1. Love those hours too :P
    Cool photos :)

  2. Oh fun vacay! I want those office hours too!

  3. i see the psa's while watching tv sometimes. thank goodness we don't have to see those ALL DAY everyday. :) i am jealous you went to the lou. i just cancelled my plane ticket to go there tomorrow :(



    That is so random! I knew she was serving there, but how cool that you were able to find out that she knew us! She was actually in Madison White's ward, but all of us knew her!!! Up at Girls Camp we'd always greet each other as "Meyer" and "Thomas", because both of us are named Megan and it'd get too confusing. :) This makes me happy though, looks like she's doing great!

  5. P.S. Even from the snid-bits, it looks like you had an AMAZING time!!! I'd love to go to all those places someday!

  6. Snodgrass! wow, sometimes I miss those PSA's...a little too much.


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