Sigh. I want to live in their design room...

Jul 1, 2009

Okay, legit, half of my wardrobe is from DownEast Outfitters.
It's the best boutique-ish store I found in Provo.

(and the one I miss the most.)
I LOVE it.
The prices are SO reasonable.

But I just have to gush about some of their newest line.

(The pictures are links.)
I should seriously just get a job there.

I love this whole ensemble.
I am kind of obsessed with this cardigan
(linked in the picture).
But the top is super cute, too.

Okay, I already own this shirt in black and white.
But I'm in love with it.
I wear them both all the time.
I think I need a couple more colors.

And if I'm not in that one, I'm in these shirts.
I have four of them: black, white, yellow and blue.
They go so well with colored tanks, under sundresses, or just with a pair of jeans.
I love them. And they're just the right amount of stretch.

I'm in a skirt and dress phase (they scream breezy and summery when I'm stuck inside) and I LOVE this skirt.
The colors are so cute, and I love these shirts. I have 3 of them (told you my whole wardrobe was from them) ...the shirt can be found here.

This one is so cute.
It's a great print and would go with all of my black and white and pink shirts.

This is fun.
And it's called the Bali Hai skirt --making me think of a warm summer in India and of my childhood pediatrician (she was from India).
It looks so breezy and comfortable.

While this might be a little too bold for me (uh, yeah right) it's an example of my new favorite thing.
POCKETS on dresses.


Same deal. Plus I LOVE a good stretchy, black dress.
I have some killer shoes to go with this baby.

And this one is great (I kinda hope it comes without the belt).
The detail on the bottom and the sleeves is so pretty.

And they make my favorite tanks: cami's AND thick strapped ones (I layer everyyything).
And now they make girls, maternity, plus size, and even men's clothing.
And they have a blog!
Gosh. I love them.
(Hire me?)


  1. I completely agree. And, I'm currently in Utah (woo hoo) and plan on making a visit tomorrow. The only thing that would make the trip perfectly perfect is if they still have their DANG cute swimsuits (at half the cost, of course).

  2. you should check out too. love them. just got this ( and this ( The best part about the kennedy is that it's a good pregnant shirt, methinks. hooray for clothing that hides post-pregnant bellies!

    From downeast, I personally love the tuxedo dress but it's just too short for me. It hits about 1 inch above my knees and that's just a wee bit short for me. aaaanyway. and I really love the empress top. oh yes. if I had a million dollars...

  3. Omg cute stuff!!! I love the black dress with the pockets...i totally agree, dresses + pockets=magic!

  4. Thank you lovebug!!!! You are so sweet and I feel the same way about you and your blog.

    I just read your "about me"...sooo hilarious.


  5. oh man, thank you for your comment about your perfect body! " one else gets to experience the joy that is being me"--holy smokes, brilliant! thank you so much.

  6. I love those clothes!!!!!!!!!! they are cute! some of them are on my blog! and i have others!!!

  7. I do agree that every dress should have pockets. That just makes sense, from a guy's perspective where all our pants have pockets.

  8. Confession: I didn't make it through this post. I started it, and then lost interest. But don't take offense; it's only because I am a guy who doesn't wear sundresses or cardigans. P.S. Did you move back to Provo?


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