my stomach is growling.

Jul 27, 2009

i am so very tired.
i want to be a billionaire so i don't have to work every day ... just some days.
i dislike spiders crawling on my leg like one did today at work. i actually screamed.
i miss my momma. the old you. boston. the beach. freedom.
i feel sore because i slept on the floor because my room was 90 degrees last night. yes. 90. in eugene. at sleep time.
i smell my hairspray.
i crave dinner. affection. otter pops. peace. air conditioning.
i cry a lot lot lot more than i did during college. growing up is weird.
i usually arrive 5 minutes late to work. eat at my desk. wear flat shoes. do my hair.
i search for answers, for love, for peace, and the archives.
i wonder when you'll feel normal again, what's going to happen to us, why this keeps popping up, why my hair is going flat, what calling i'm gonna get. um...i wonder all the time.
i love so many things. my friends, my family, you, new shoes, the smell of new books, getting cute/funny text messages, this video:

i always laugh when i watch that video. wish my hair was longer.
i worry about every.thing. or all the time. or both.
i am not your babysitter.
i believe.
i dance at some of the weirdest, most awkward, hilarious, frequent moments.
i sing everywhere: at work, in the shower, in my car, in my room, when i'm cooking, on the phone........
i write for a living, a blog, to get my emotions out, as a means of communicating, because i love it.
i lose bobby pins EVERYWHERE.
i can usually be found at my desk (sadly) or out with my friends.
i wish i was at the beach.
i think it's time for me to eat dinner. or stop working for the day. or both.


  1. My stomach is growling and it's 1 am. How said is that. The beach is just a short drive away from me but sadly we don't get there nearly enough. I wish the hubs was on vacay so we could go enjoy a tropical drink on the beach. Sigh. I see you also dig the Mandizzle!

  2. Working just a few days a week would be pretty nice. I'm not sure it requires a billion dollars to do that, but I'd certainly be willing to try.


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