i know i had the best day with you, today.

Jul 6, 2009

I think my camera broke.
(I'm dying as a result.)
I thought it was just the batteries...but it wouldn't turn on even with fresh batteries.

And this MOST unfortunate because if it had worked I would have fun pictures of all the AWESOME things I did this weekend.
(Not quite as awesome as seeing Jimmy Fallon and lake-ing at Winnipesaukee, but still.)

Saturday morning I got up at the butt-crack of dawn (seriously, 6 am on a Saturday?! without diet coke?! me?!) to go Wakeboarding with a couple of my favorite people.
It looked a lot like this (only with some Nirvana mixed in):

Well, for one of us it did.
Then when he tried to teach me it looked less like that and more like... crashing.
He was so patient.
And it was RIDICULOUSLY fun.
Plus it included some lake swimming--always a fun time.

After boating was through, I was starving so Bonnie and I decided to head to The Glenwood to get some food.
(Yes, total cosmic sign that Eugene has a restaurant with the same name as my college residence.)
It's some of my favorite food in Eugene -- and one of the most interesting settings: it's in an re-done old house on the corner of UO campus.

And as I went to pay for my awesome French Toast--I literally found $10.

Then there was some packing and moving things over to my new place (pictures maybe to come later if I can figure out what's wrong with my camera...or maybe from the cell).

After that, I joined the lovely Whipple family for a rockin BBQ and fireworks spectacular.
I spent most of that night playing with my 3-year-old BFF, Gavin.
We watched fireworks, snuggled, ate cookies, and he told me I was his favorite friend.

All in all, spectacular weekend.


  1. Hmmm... I need more three year olds in my life...

  2. It's great to find your BFF when he/she is three because then you get to actually know them throughout their life, and you can be Best Friends for Life and Forever, and not just BFFs.

  3. You are a winner!!! Check my blog.
    email me your addy!



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