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Jul 3, 2009

I am a matchmaker.
Seriously, though.
I've set up at least 7 couples (I'm super selective about when I set people up).
6 of whom have gotten married.
Let's take this one step further.
I'm also the roommate-marrier-offer.
At BYU--27 roommates: 13 got married either while living with me or just a few short months after.

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach."
I can't control my own love life, but I can manage to better others'.

My latest "victory":

The lovely Kellie and her rad husband Brady
(or as we call him Brady-Quinn-Liar-Face (long story)).
They got married today.

These two, I think, are my favorite couple I've set up.


He was in my ward, we were window buddies, we were in the same FHE group and became fast friends as a result.
This girl, on the other hand, was a girl after my own soul.
She and I worked, played, laughed and panic-attacked together in the BYU Newsroom.
(Few experiences forge friendships like those found in that newsroom.)
And K is my yoasis partner in crime. Dang I miss that stuff.

One day, during one of our many post-show chats, Kellie and I were bonding over our miserable love lives when she looked at me and said, "Got any hot, tall friends you could set me up with?" (Kellie is 5'11") I thought for a second, suggested a friend (who it turns out she'd already been out with), and then gasped and suggested Brady.

Well, they met one night when Kellie came over and she, Megan and I went hot tubbing.
Brady saw us, came to chat, they began flirting and Megan and I decided to bow out.
She ended up pushing Brady in the pool fully clothed.
And the rest is history.

I love them both and wish them all the luck, love, happiness and laughter this life can bring.


  1. you are a match maker! maybe.... just maybe you could set yourself up with someone!lolz

  2. No Way! Brady just got married? Good for him!

  3. Ummmmm hellloooo....ME ME ME!!!

    (Just sayin. I need some HELP)


  4. Um, that was super selfish of me! haha CONGRATS to your friends!

    AND I'm a loser, I thought I was following you, but apparently not so much-I blame blogger, he hates me. Anyway, I fixed it...let the stalking begin, sister. :)

  5. Hooray for a Fiddler on the Roof reference!

  6. Ooh Brady and kellie was all YOU!?
    I love that!!!
    6/7 is a great percentage. Me next. I've got your back too girlfriend xo

  7. Oh how cute! What a gorgeous couple!

    So um, come be roommates with EM and me! Yeah? Yeah!

  8. Such a cute couple!! Great job!!


    have a great weekend!


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