surprised utahns hadn't thought of this sooner...

Jun 23, 2009 pretty much makes me want to be on a diet all the time.
(it's a wonderful, bored-at-work/cnn feature story find.)

but i think this one is kind of ingenious.
i don't like jello enough to actually eat it...but it's pretty funny.

Jello-Mold Cheeseburger
"Vanilla and walnut flavored Jell-O bun, pistachio flavored lettuce, cherry and cherry cream Jell-O tomatoes, chocolate and chocolate mousse flavored Jell-O burger, orange-lemon Jell-O cheese, lemon-lime Jell-O pickles and coconut flavored Jell-O onions."

k. back to packing and cleaning.
♥, s.


  1. I love being the first to comment because it often means I am the first to see it! Booyah! And booyah for the Jello Burger!
    Love, David

  2. love it! Before I read the text I kept starring at it thinking...something's not right...why does the burger look shiny? Ahhh!

  3. That is so disturbing and ridic! haha!! XO


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