my dad rocks.

Jun 21, 2009

my dad is legit.
he's all the things i want my future hubby to be ...
and so many i wonder if any other man will ever measure up to.

he's my confidant, my rock, the one to listen to me even when he can barely hear me through the sobs.
he's taught me to love learning, to pursue my dreams, to make my determination bring me all the things i want, and to never ever settle for less than the best--which is what i deserve.

i can vividly remember one time in high school when i was upset over a lost goal and he came in my room, sat on my bed, and proceeded to tell me about one of his own lost goals. then he looked me in the eye and simply said, "you're better than this. now go prove everyone wrong."

this past summer, when my heart got broken, i asked him if he'd ever had his heart broken. he paused and then said, "i don't think so. but you know how i was...all i cared about was [soccer]. i probably broke a few hearts because of that, actually. but you'll be okay. it'll hurt but you'll be okay." and this is so my dad. and one of the many reasons i love him. i can talk to him about

he visited me every year (actually, almost nearly each semester) of college and when i was struggling here in eugene, at first, he took time out of his busy schedule to come spend time with me. he even got a little sad when he had to leave me all alone here. he's the reason i am where i am and a big part of the reason i am who i am.

i love you, daddy.


  1. you are CUTE. oh my gosh. i love reading your blog entries.. beautiful and clever girl.

  2. It's great to have an outstanding Dad isn't it? There are so many poor children in the world without any father, never mind a good one like you and I have. We are so blessed it's not even funny. I am sorry you had a rough time in Eugene at first, but I trust you are doing much better now.
    Love, David


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