four things:

Jun 11, 2009

"Learn four new things everyday. Something about yourself. Something about the people you love. Something about the world, and something about a stranger."

About myself:
My fight or flight instinct is a lot stronger than I thought. In both respects. There are problems I deem worthy of my fighting instinct, and problems I flee from. And sometimes, I feel like simply dropping it all and flying away, far far away.
About the people I love: They really do have my back. Regardless of whatever they have in their day, or where they are, they love me and they are willing to try and help me make sense of whatever is going on (and make me laugh). I seriously have the best support system in the world.
About the world:It is not always fair. Some days you wake up, knowing all the odds are stacked against you, you take a deep breath, and you move forward.
About a stranger:I learned that this girl sitting next to me at lunch died her own hair pink, she bleached it first and then applied the dye to her own hair. Impressive.


  1. "Some days you wake up, knowing all the odds are stacked against you, you take a deep breath, and you move forward."

    It's the moving forward part that's so tricky. Once you master that, you're golden. :-)

  2. Okay, so I love talking to you. I just don't know all the ways to deal with the stuff you need to deal with at work. I just remember saying to you, "You know those annoying people at ______ (fill in the blank with: school, work, church, etc.), well, they are going to be your fellow workers, church members, roommates, etc. You are learning to get along with these kind of people now, so that you will have practice when you grow up." It doesn't make it any easier now that you are grown up and the faces and names have changed, but the personalities are pretty much the same.

    I hope the weekend is relaxing for you.

  3. Siovhan, you speak pure philosophy on your blog. I feel more reflective of my life every time I view it. Preach it, Sister. You rock!

  4. Duuude! Yay! I'm so glad you did this too!

    I love the same part as Lilu "take a deep breath and you move forward."



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