Famous Siovhanisms...

Jun 6, 2009

happy birthday, self.

I may or may not:

...have eaten chipotle 3 separate times this week (and only paid for 1!!)
...have had one of the most rock awesome birthdays in the entire world (more pictures to come)
...have eaten pie for breakfast the next day (and not felt any guilt)
...be slightly worried/intrigued as to where to go from here.
...have finally satiated my waffle craving.
...nearly screamed at work on thursday.
...be "taking sides" on something there should be no sides on.
...love coconut cream pie.
...be addicted to her new swimsuit.
...be proud of a friend for something i probably shouldn't be.
...want to chopppppp my hair off (it's not as long as i want it, and i have no patience).
...have 4 posts i'm not finished writing (but promise i will post them soon).
...have woken up this morning from a horrible (read: heartbreaking) dream and realized i was crying in my sleep.
...have spent a large chunk of last night familiarizing myself with a website for a spectacular surprise.
...want to slap a certain someone.
...be craving a big ole movie night in her pajamas with her favorite person.
...miss my mom a whole freakin lot.
...wish i was once again dancing in the rain barefoot.
...love my gorgeous pedicure. worthhh it.
...have had a story in my show yesterday about a man who calls himself "the crimson fist" (and all i could think of was fairly odd parents and the crimson chin).
...still be laying in my pajamas at 12:45 contemplating doing laundry.
...be craving a diet coke.
...love the fact that oregon got some major major thunderstorms this week (the kind i LOVE and grew up with).
...have laughed during a press conference by a kid that got struck by lightning because he said he walked outside during the thunderstorm, joked about getting hit by lightning, and then did get hit.
...look at the above picture and feel a sense of accomplishment ...about something i'm not going to share with you lovlies, because it's mine. mmmm.


  1. um i totally want to chop mine off too ... it's not as long as i want it and i have no patience either. :) and i would have laughed at the kid that got struck by lighting too

  2. swarley? how i met your mother? PLEASE SAY YES! We have become addicted to that show here at the Allen Household.

  3. oh my gosh i love you. so much. sometimes i feel like i'm reading my own thoughts when i read your blog.. i'm so glad you had a good birthday! you are a ray of sunshine in my currently cloudy life. love ya

  4. I read this and could hear you sayin' "Happy birthday... self."
    I started laughin my face off at your intonation, out of no where, and some kids in my livin room were all "Whaaaa?! Its a picture and caption... (i'm goin strong-- the kind of laugh where you make no noise) what's wrong with you?" Oh dear, they do not understand. One piece of my Shavondah and my insides are like "oh man! laugh while you can! go go go!"


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