some things are better left...unsent...

May 16, 2009

the other night at institute we had a discussion about the power of words.
now, as someone who writes for a living ...and for one who is in love with words... i understand this.

brother barnes told how abraham lincoln used to write letters when he was upset, put them in an envelope, and mark them "unsent".
in fact, he wasn't the only president to do this {the above letter is from harry truman's desk}.
brother barnes went on to discuss how dangerous email is because you can write anything and send it instantly and never get it back.
and how the adage "don't write a letter when you're angry" is totally true.

well, i myself, write letters when i'm upset all the time.
i can say i think i've only actually given them to someone ... maybe once.
and even then it was a toned down 3rd or 4th draft.

but i write unsent letters all. the. time.
not all are angry.
most aren't.
most are just feelings finally voiced.

letters to my frustrated love life {an entity of its own}.
to old boyfriends.
to former friends.
to people i'm currently having a difficult time with.
to people i feel have done my friends wrong.

to myself.
to my future.
to my past.

to love here,
love lost,
love hoped for,
love long awaited.

so i'm with good ole honest abe here.
write it.
feel it.
experience it.
free it.

then mark it.


  1. ever since you wrote notes to me when you were a senior, i've loved notes. i write notes to people all the time...i must have gotten it from you. ;-P

  2. amen to the wise woman of the eug. i love you. you are powerful.

  3. I have done this a few *Select* times to a certain Mr. (and some stupid roommates) in my life :) its a good way to express some choice words when i am angry, but I usually just tear it up, burn it, and throw it away, since after reading it, i realize how hurtful it is. :) Words can be harsh!!

    I like to dispose of the evidence :) But it is a good idea. I wrote a letter to myself when I graduated high school... unfortunately I still haven't found it. xx

  4. If Abraham Lincoln did it, it must be worthwhile. I didn't know you were a professional writer. I thought you were a producer... Are you both?

  5. Hey girl!
    A fellow diet coke addict! So glad you came by my blog!

    I write letters and notes to people all the time, and never send them. I keep them though, and then read them later when the moment has passed.

    Such a perfect post! XO

  6. pretty much your the bomb dot com. :)luv and miss ya!


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