But I refuse to become one of the unwashed masses...

May 14, 2009

During some majorly needed quality time and serious conversation the other night, my cohort and I began discussing football, track, and the city of Eugene.

I screamed out, "Ugh! I actually like track!! I'm a track fan! Argggh."

Cohort laughed and then continued on about how Eugene needs to stop trying to be a football town because it never will be. It'll always be a track town.

I chuckled as cohort compared U of O to real football schools like Texas, Notre Dame, and USC and the next words out of my mouth were "Yeah USC will always beat us."

I stopped.
My mouth agape.
Never beat us.

Cohort smiled and began laughing as I freaked out.
I laughed as I covered my face screaming,
"I'm not a Duck! I'm not a Duck! I'm not a Duck!! I'm a Cougar! We don't even play USC!"

Cohort continued laughing.
And said, "We've gotten to you. You might be part Eugene after all."

I guess this is my little [mildly subconscious] way of saying I love it here.
And I really can't picture ever leaving.
My heart, while
ALWAYS a True Blue Cougar heart, might have a little bit of Duck in it, yet.


  1. It comes with the territory....you will always be a Cougar...but here in Eugene the Duck fever sweeps everyone. :)
    Welcome to the good side! :) lol

  2. happens to the best of us :) but we don't want you to stay there forever. come visit some times.

  3. quack! CUTE post. I accidentally did that for the first time my sophomore year when BYU played Ohio State (MY hometown) in some sport (I think it was track) and I called BYU my "we." Its ok, thats what happens!! En-cult-ur-ation. Also, just saw the name you have for my blog. AWESOME. and fitting.

    Ruth the Red Sox Widow :)

  4. I am WAY ok with this. So happy for you.

  5. That's funny! It's okay Siovhan you can still be a Cougar.

  6. As a true blue, duck fan, trust me, you can be both. And yes, I know that ducks are green, I AM from Oregon after all. Did you notice the combo (true blue, duck??) Come on!! Anyways, you can always be both! It's nice because usually each year, one is better than the other. There is only the rare occasion in the Las Vegas bowl that you have to choose. :)


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