"I don't know honey. Maybe you'll have to give up your dream of majoring in logging."

Apr 10, 2009

This is my mom.

She's pretty much the coolest person I know.
She always knows when I need a boost and usually knows exactly what to say to help me feel better. Yesterday, during one of the crappier days lately, she poured out wisdom and humor upon my hurting heart, making me remember that I'm worth just about everything in the world. She let me know what she thought, listened to me, and gave me heartfelt support for all of my heartache. She's the bomb diggity.
She made everything better yesterday, which is what moms are great at.
But mine's the best.

(and she's coming in six days and i couldn't be more excited!!!!!!!)


  1. You're right, and I love your mom too. Maybe I'll start calling her every day I'm feeling crappy (often). I know she could handle it, but I like her too much to do that to someone who didn't birth me. Besides, she's far too young to be my mom...

  2. Dude, sometimes when I'm having AWFUL days and I'm calling my mom I secretly wonder how she's going to pick me out of it and make me feel like a million...and she does. EVERY TIME.
    Mom's are awesome. I want to meet yours one day.

  3. i'm jealous.....wish i could go see you. i miss you more than dad missed chocolate during trek...lol. how'd you do the photo? photoshop?

  4. Aww, so is she still in town? Moms are awesome, I'm so glad you two have such a good relationship!


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