besttttt. weekend. everrrr.

Apr 6, 2009

This weekend was General Conference for my church.
It was THE MOST AMAZING weekend of inspired counsel and instruction.
These men are beyond amazing and I feel so blessed for being able to participate.
I have always known the church was true; and now my testimony is even stronger.

After the Saturday afternoon session, Sarah and I decided to make a fun trip to the coast.
Here are a few pictures from the day.
And there was an AMAZINGLY EXCITING event that happened there.

My first sunset sitting on the beach.
(I grew up on the wrong coast to watch it set on the water.)

Me and Sarah all cold but extremely happy.
One of my long-lasting goals in life has been to find a sand dollar for myself.
Well after a mile of beach and around 30 minutes of searching I had 20 fragments of sand dollar, but nothing whole.
But after mostly giving up and heading back --lo, and behold, there he was. Cornelius, the Sand dollar. So now he is living in my room--proof and reminder that God loves me.

I was freezing and windblown by the time we got back to the car.
But still really happy.

We stopped for seafood and another giant truck ... violated courtesy rules.
The spot is clearly labeled "compact."
(Although, his license plate cover says "I'd rather be watching the Andy Griffith Show." kudos.)

On the way back we found this sign.
I almost died laughing.
I love my lolcats ... and advertising references to them!!

I'm so sad to see this weekend end. It's been so amazing, and I've felt so uplifted--I want to feel this way forever.


  1. Your windblown picture is about the cutest thing ever. Look at you findin happiness over and over in the Eug! You are cultivating strong roots; I know they will become strong enough to soak up the life from any place you land. I am filled up with love for you.

    PSSS(I have a sand dollar story I should tell you from when I was a little girl.)

  2. Conference was great, huh? And which part of the coast did you go to? Congrats on finding a sand dollar! That was one of my life-long goals too, until I found 3 in one lucky day a couple of years ago. Go figure :)

  3. Love the pictures. Love your passion/love of life and this weekend. Love you!

  4. sunsets on the beach are the best. your pictures are awesome and i love the banner on the top of your blog :]

  5. Aw, I'm happy for you, finding Cornelius the Sand Dollar! I've never found one before. Lucky.

    I'm happy for you, enjoying life and feeling such joy. Never forget it!


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