Today I miss...

Mar 25, 2009

It was really funny that I was totally planning on doing this today...and my friend Alex beat me to it. Hers is about her awesome world traveler adventures, though. Mine's just about little twinges of homesickiosity.

The beautiful city of Boston. Honestly, in my opinion, one of the most glorious cities in the world. There's so much history and heritage mixed in with the "new world" charm of sky scrapers and freeways. It's a big enough city to be exciting, but has a hometown charm most others don't.

Dunkin Donuts. Oregon cable taunts me with the idea that my favorite hot chocolate in the world is somewhere within attainable proximity. That is a lie. I've searched it. I miss morning cocoa runs with my mom before Early Morning Seminary.

My Narragansett beach. Mmmm. Sand and sun and happy laughter with people I love. It's so pretty.

And 2,450 miles away from that glorious place, I also miss BYU. I miss being a student. I miss walking to class. Heck, I miss hikin my tush up the RB stairs. I loved BYU.

I miss BYU Football. I miss the Haka. And sushiney days with lots and lots of yelling and laughter and fun. I miss BYU sports...I miss being at most of those games as a student, fan, employee, etc.

I miss Cafe-freakin-Rio. mmmmm. Sweet Pork Salad.
The funny thing is when I think about Provo...a lot of what I think about is food. Dang Africa.


  1. loved your comments. i prefer someone who will talk sports with me. if they can't they must be able to hold a conversation about something else i am interested in. unfortunately said roommate was dead as a dorn knob... MISS YOU!!!

  2. I was just thinking about how much I miss BYU and Cafe Rio the other week. Those were the good ol' days, eh?

  3. Funny...I miss a lot of those things as well. I do love to drink Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate, but don't get to do it before or during Early Morning Seminary any more. Boo-hoo. We LOVE Narragansett Beach, but haven't been in about ten months--so we miss it too.

  4. Can I just say this post made me incredibly homesick? Thanks a lot. ;)

    I'm back home for the weekend, though. I'll go to Dunkin Donuts and enjoy it enough for the both of us. :D


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