They're clichés because they work...

Mar 4, 2009

I have become a cliché.
At least to some extent.

Pretty much anyone who knows me knows I have a tumultuous love/hate relationship with my dear car, Jamal.

But over the past few days, I've had a mild change of heart. There are still things I wish were different (like the weird raspy noise to go away)...or the radio console to have a cd player...or at least leave the 1980s behind (tapes, really?!).

As I was driving home from work the other night (I, legitimately, do not remember what day it is as this week my schedule is RIDICULOUS [Work Sat-Wed, and then Sat again])... a Dashboard Confessional song came on. And the wheels in my head began to turn. My car is the epitome of a Dashboard Confessional. Jamal has seen MAJOR changes in my life. Also, it's frequently privy to the most alone time I get in a day.

It's seen adventures with rooomates, dates and friends.
It went all the way to Disneyland with me, Megan and Andrea last February.
It's been to Nephi countless times.
And Salt Lake even more.
It's seen nights sitting up the mountain looking out over the Provo grid.
Trips up the canyon to have fun or look at foliage.
Shopping or Alpine slide excursions to Park City with family and friends.
It made it to Wyoming once (on accident).
It's seen tired drives to ABC4.
And even more tired drives to campus to produce the Daily News.
It's seen desert, snow, rain and lots of summer heat.
It made the trek all the way to Oregon in the summer heat.
It's seen tears over break ups, move-ons, and family trials.
It, and it alone, witnessed a completely tender moment between me and my mom this summer.
Long trips with my brothers, EFY visits, and rodeo queens.
Late night rock out sessions, late night food runs, and late night Macey's adventures with Megan, Andrea, Dani and Lyndsi Shae.
Trips to see SO many football, baseball, lacrosse and soccer games.
Too many loan-outs to ex-boyfriends.
And not enough beach.
Many breakdowns, breakthroughs, and hopeful moods here in Eugene...

All in all ...I love this hunk a junk.
At least until it starts to breakdown again.


  1. sweet baboo...I love your car too. I remember being in a love/hate relationship with the Cordoba. When we said goodbye to it, we said goodbye to memories of our Honeymoon, our trip to Canada, the trips to Jackson Hole. Our lives seemed to be tied to the Cordoba. Cars come and cars go, but like your first real love, you will always remember your first "real" car.

  2. Oh jamal...loving the signature...

    and i'm so HONORED to be on your "Daily Dose" List!!!


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