The Siovhan Show's Frequent Flyers: My Girls and The Boltons

Mar 23, 2009

Disclaimer: These are in NO way all the people...or even nearly a smidge of the people I love, adore and care about.

I just thought I'd give you a highlights version of people I talk about so you can match names with a visual. Plus I've been playing around with Picnik all weekend...and I love it.
**I didn't include my roommate Mel, because she hates pictures. **

This is Brandi. These are her babies. I adore them. Brandi is often the major thing to help me keep my sanity at work. She is an inspiration to me on so many levels and I'm so grateful she's in my life both professionally and personally. She's one of those people that quickly became more like family than just friends. And the girls?! I would do anything for them. Anything.

These two are Taron and Libby. Libby is one of my bffs--and I set her up with Taron. (I have impeccable setting up skills--all of the people I set up get married, with ONE exception.) They make me laugh all the time. They are the best of friends and I love how wonderful and funny and comfortable they are with each other. I love the time I get to spend with them.

This is Sarah. She's my Eug-BFF. She was a LITERAL God-send. I prayed for MONTHS to have someone to befriend and someone who would understand me, love me and help me because I was so so so very lonely here in Eugene. The Lord sent Sarah. The means by which we came friends was fast and it was awesome. We became so very close in such relatively little time we've known each other. I am grateful every day for this wonderful lady.

This is Megan. She's a HUGE facet of my life, even now. Most of my stories begin "One time Megan and I..." or "Megan always used to..." or "Megan HATES when I eat on the floor!!" Megan was a strength to me when I couldn't find my own. She is such a funny, vibrant woman and I'm so glad I am blessed to have her in my life in such a capacity. I am grateful for her example, her love, her humor and her tenacity for life. Plus we share an overwhelming love of plaid--that bonds people together.

This is my Andrea. She IS my crazy side. Andrea was my shorty--in every funny manner of the word. Diminutive in size...but never in spirit. I love her for everything she's taught me, done for me, helped me to learn and to see, and for her unfailing example of what we should all try to be in life: fun, Christlike, and happy. And she and her husband? ADORABLE. I miss spending time with this girl.

This is my Dani-girl. No matter how much time passes, no matter what's happened or where we are--we pick up right where we left off. She knows my secrets, my fears and craziness (and still likes me!!). She's been my bff for years now--and I just love her. We have thousands upon thousands of memories together, and some of my favorite adventures. From being coworkers to political aspirations, to late night trips to Manhattan, to Denver to watch some good football, to getting lost in Salt Lake shopping--we've done it all. I miss having her right around the corner when I need her.

This is my lovie. My Lyndsi Shae. This girl is my revolution hero, and someone I admire more than I probably have ever said out loud. You can find pieces of this girl here. I highly recommend it. I don't really know what or how to say things about Lyndsi Shae. I love her. I'm grateful for her influence in my life, and her patience with my slow learning curve. I'm awestruck by the immense amounts of talent inside this vivacious woman. I long to live life the way she does. She once visited all the places she lived in Provo to remember how they felt. I LOVE that. I wish I could be that open. She is my inspiration because when you're free and honest and healing--you can be honest with others. [she's a big part of why the blog once again became public] And if you hurt her--I'll bust your knee caps. And I'm serious about that.

These are my parents. Now, this picture may not seem like much, but it makes me laugh SO much every time I look at it. They are, and always will be, the rock solid people in my life. Nothing can shake these two. They are the most Christlike people I know and have always taught us the gospel by living it. They do everything for us and are so caring. I love them with all my heart and feel so incredibly blessed to have such fantastic parents, such great examples. I hope to one day measure up to the people they are.

These are my inspiration. My wonderful siblings who I love more than life itself. They are the bright spots in my day. To Braden asking me endless questions about BYU, to Ben texting me Office quotes, to Mikaela passive-agressively telling me goodnight and not to text her because she needs her sleep. It is a wonderful feeling to know that, no matter what, I am loved. No matter how far away from home I may be, there is someone (or three someones) always praying for me and hoping my life is going well. I love them. I'm so excited for their futures and the great things that lie ahead for my little brothers and baby sister.


  1. I love all new additions to your sweet lovin blog-- especially this post. The picture of you and your parents is classic. I LOVE YOU. I was just thinkin about how I wish I could see you someday and then I thought: Oh yeah, I AM! Heh, take that seperation! I shall defeat thee!

  2. aww love it! i must know, how do you make those photos look like polaroids???

    ps i also miss boston and i only lived there two summers! nothing compares to a good dunkin cocoa and sprinkle donut mmm donut

  3. I LOVE that I made the list! You are such a sweetheart and I'm really happy my girls and I have you in our lives. (Oh, and without you, work would have driven me completely insane already.)


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