i love...

Mar 25, 2009

the gospel. my family. my friends. cell phones. email. letters. my ipod. good food. my job. having a car. the apartment i live in. clean water. a bed. sooooo many clothes. text messages from my little brother. my talents. the cool side of the pillow. naps.
cute, fun handwriting. big hunk of beef cheeseburgers. barbeque sauce. witty banter. gilmore girls. great music. good hair days. sunshine. bluer than blue skies. good examples. joseph smith. doctors. dollar movies. highlights. emails from my mom. photos. temples. warm fuzzies. laughing so hard you want to collapse.
eating cold cereal out of really big mugs. diet coke. mexican food. magazines. tool time reruns. really good smelling lotion. cable tv. funny coworkers.
wearing bows in my hair. really good food. a comfortable mattress. high school musical. baby pictures.
my dad's frequent flier miles. warm blankets. summer night skies. when the skies pour down big heavy raindrops. plaid. funny dreams. byu football. my callings. institute. the rare occasions i get time to play piano. fun adventures. red robin bottomless fries. a roommate. my multitudinous amounts of sunglasses.
flipflops. books. more books. jim and pam. naps. walks in the park. swingsets. a really good hair cut. argyle. hammocks. emails from my baby cousin emily.
...and so many more things. ♥


  1. Aww you are so cute girl! I'm so happy I can finally read your blog! I always forgot to ask you to invite me so I could read it ages ago!!

  2. Dear Siovhan,

    I miss you. We should talk soon.

    <3, Kellie

  3. Are you sure you like a really comfortable mattress? You never seem to sleep in a bed....


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