I KNOW My Redeemer Lives

Mar 21, 2009

Sometimes my batteries run on little or no juice.
Especially my spiritual batteries.

But then there are other moments where the Lord has the foresight, the patience and the love to confirm to me my own testimony and once again get my knowledge and my love to the place it needs to be to let the world know what I know.

I've had MANY moments like that today. And in the midst of all of them I stumbled upon this:

I know I did.


  1. I know Mark Mabry, not personally, but Ive seen him around plenty of times. They had all these pictures displayed in the visitors center at the Mesa AZ temple before they made the book and this slideshow. He's amazing. Some of my friends are in the pictures. I have 3 friends in the 10 virgins picture. :) He's pretty awesome!

  2. Siovhan!! Thank you for posting this I loved it! you are a truly amazing person! You're blog is so cute. How do you get the pictures like that and write at the bottom of them? its so cute! I love you!! It sounds like everything is going great for you!


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