Mar 13, 2009

When I moved from Provo, I packed all my stuff into a truck...and left the state.

And just weeks ago I realized I left all my aprons in Provo! All THREE of them!

But Anthropologie may have the solution! Look at these:

Aren't they terribly cute?!
Maybe that's the solution to my apron-free, actual cooking woes.


  1. The black and white one has won my heart. You're right--wow!

  2. OH APRONS! You absolutely MUST look up some vintage aprons on If you aren't familiar with that site ... it will suck you right in. (it's all homemade, boutique kind of stuff.)

    These are my favorites:

  3. I'm in LOVE with the black adn white one...I have a birthday coming up you know...

  4. I've been considering starting a business making aprons :P so much I love them...and a nice, good apron is so difficult to find!


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