bahhhhh. salute to tools of the same color.

Mar 17, 2009

i have this thing about guys with trucks.
now don't get me wrong. i appreciate a good piece of auto craftsmanship.
i'd even venture as far as to say i could be a truck girl.
i just have a problem with truck guys.
unless you are a legit cowboy ... usually you're all the same.
overly ridiculous, over compensating and half the time couldn't form a sentence beyond a catcall.
i have often said i will never date one of these kinds of truck guys.

saturday, in my escapades to the mall ...i encountered several examples to support my theory --if not further validate my feelings.

truck guy numero uno. please notice he's in more than one parking spot.
in fact, he's kinda in three. which is MORE than unnecessary...and ridiculous. granted he has a large truck, but seriously? three spaces?

same truck. close up of the winner parking job.

and one space down... ANOTHER ONE. this time with flames, and only in 2 spots. ONLY. cool detailing job, thor.

and i venture to the other side of the mall to pick sarah up so we can leave--and yep. truck tool numero tres. yay, eugene. home of hippies, granola girls and apparently truck egotists.
yep, that's a hemi.


  1. Trust me ... trucks that big won't fit in just one spot. 3 is excessive, but 2 can be necessary if you don't want anyone to hit it. I live off dirt roads and my mom drives the biggest truck of them all - a Toyota Tundra ... we had to get a step put on it so short people could get into it :)

  2. This made me giggle like crazy. I like how you have documented evidence of their indiscretions, too.

    Personally, I think you should start putting notes on these people's cars. Something like, "Need parking lessons? Call me." And then if it's a girl who calls, recommend the nearest driving school. If a boy--of suitable age--then make a date. And thus begins the reform process.

    Just think of the service you'd be giving to girls everywhere, clearing up this parking mess one inept boy at a time.

    p.s. I love how your blog is "The Siovhan Show." A+


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