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Feb 24, 2009

I have no life. I work all the time. Or, at least, that's what it seems like lately. Which leaves me a little restless for an adventure. (I realized this weekend that it has been years since I've gone more than six months without traveling at at least 600 miles. (or at very least a fairly routine visit to "big time" Salt Lake)...and now it's been 6 months and I'm itching to travel).

There is this tender kid at work. I just long to be friends with him because he seems to tender, kind and lonely. He is the sweetest 19 year old boy I've met, and reminds me a little bit of my brother Braden. He just seems so innocent and so secluded from everyone else (sometimes the butt of others' jokes) and I just want to be friends with him. I appreciate how hard he works and how much he's obsessed with television news.

I know I mentioned it in the last post, but I really do love the Snuggie. Go ahead mock/judge/scoff/roll your eyes, but it's true. It's a miraculous addition to my penchant for sleeping on the couch. I initially just thought I'd buy into the whole nerdfest thing and know the fad would pass as would my love for this blanket-esque thing. But, seriously, I love it. And I'm in good company.

So, I'm failing at my anti-caffeine campaign. But I've cut down drastically. Little victories. And as of late I've found I actually like Diet Dr. Pepper. Shocking, I know.

My friend John and I spent all of Friday watching The Office. His new found love has created some very fun early morning (8 am...early to us night shifters) texting conversations. In honor of my love of The Office I'm sharing one my favorite Jim and Pam moments with all of you.

LyndsiShae is coming to visit. And I'm ECSTATIC about it. We're going to have adventures and bed flops and some serious awesome summer lovin time.

I got a new phone. I love it. It's a seriously rad new addition to my life. (It has Guitar Hero!!!) It's the white one with the red border. I'm in love with it. I honestly don't think I've ever had a phone I initially like as much as I like this one. My momma has one too, and she loves it. And my sister got a phone (not this same one) and she and I have discovered the convenience of serious text conversing. Oh, did I mention, she's 11? And pretty much the bomb-digginest tech kid ever. She even has the lolz and smiley faces down. (And I will forgive her, and pretty much only her, for "lol".)

Speaking of my siblings, both of my cute little brothers and my rockin little sister have all referenced me as their "best friend forever" in the past few weeks. Ben in his 25 Things note on Facebook, Braden in his blog about his BYU acceptance, and Mikaela in about every message/text she's sent for a week. I love this. It makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

And, last, but probably awesomest of all. In two- point- five weeks I won't be working nights anymore at KEZI. YESSSSSSSS. I'll be producing one of our cable shows, and the 5pm news every night M-F.


  1. Congratulations on moving to day-side! SWEET. I don't think I could handle graveyards.

  2. Congrats on the new schedule! That'll be a good change. OK, so Jim and Pam....love that moment. Love most of their moments actually. I've become a bit obsessed with that show lately. :)

  3. i told drew you had a snuggie. so maybe now he will know its legit and will actually buy us one (!!!!)

  4. A) I love Diet Dr. Pepper, and have tragically had to give it up for pregnancy safety reasons

    B) I adore my snuggie. No judging here :)

  5. Yes, the Diet Dr. Pepper is an family favorite. I now can find it in the caffeine free formula at Shaw's. Woohoo!

    The phones are so fun. I was pondering yesterday on the fact that we have phones and how much easier, yet more frustrating it is that we have cell phones. What would I do if I didn't know I could call or text your 24-7? Snail mail would kill me!


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