OuT of COnTRoL

Feb 28, 2009


My sweet tooth is going CrAZy!!!

I tried giving up sugar.
That was a bust (I blame the stress from the past couple weeks).

Then I tried eating less.
That worked a little better.

But then this week comes.
I sleep on the couch one night... and move to my bed around 6 am... barely coherent.

The next morning I wake up ... walk to the bathroom ... look in the mirror...

Not even a joke. I sleep ate Oreos.

This, my friends, is a feat.

First, because I ate them in my sleep... and didn't choke and die.
Second, because I don't even really like Oreos. I eat them on extremely extremely rare occasions.
(My childhood bff and I once ate a whole pack...this spawned the distaste.)

Until I find a solution... I'm gonna stick to my jolly ranchers. They seem to help.


  1. Siovhan, I have heard of a lot of somnabulism stories, but never have I ever heard of someone eating Oreos in their sleep. That is a feat!

  2. bahahahahahahahaha....i nearly peed myself reading this! i was laughing so hard i cried!

  3. drew and i agree. you are totally out of control!!!

    love it!

  4. That is so my life right now too!! Maybe it's February blues. Oh wait, it's March...it's supposed to be bright and sunny and bloomy and cheery...

    Perhaps I live in Oregon too and didn't realize it. Oh the rain!!

    I don't like Oreos either but lately I can't get enough. I have no excuse.

  5. I have been trying SO hard to give up sweets! Well maybe not that hard because really I only last about hmmm...3 hours on a good day!

  6. Siovhan,
    Thanks for making me feel better about myself. Recently, I have woken up repeatedly to finding out that I also ate in my sleep. I find out the moment I find an empty container...such as, of cookies, chips, or crackers. It's funny, but also kinda freaky :)

    Sabina_from_work :P


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