I may or may not ...

Feb 13, 2009

...think of my dad whenever a Shania Twain song comes on the radio. As I drove home this evening...one was on the radio and it made me think of the summer after my freshman year of college where my dad and I listened to Shania Twain's greatest hits CD EVERY day for several months on our commute to/from work. Funny thing is, other than Shania, my dad hates country music.

...love making our Executive Producer laugh unexpectedly. I often say little things at work and don't expect people to hear...and Sean usually does. Today someone said something and he said, "no...I didn't do that" and really quietly I said, "but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night..." and he keeled over laughing. That was fulfilling.

...have eaten a buck-load of food tonight. I ate dinner at work...and had a late night rendezvous at iHop (dreamy, I know.). I now never want to eat again in this life.

...LOVE LOVE LOVE that Lyndsi Shae is planning to visit. In April. When it's gorgeous here (or so I'm told). I'm BEYOND excited. (and be blog-stalking said love of my life.)

...LOOOOOOOOVE that my little brother got into BYU-the-Provo.

...be on a country music obsession the past couple weeks. All the time. In my car, at my desk, in the shower...everywhere.

...(despite said obsession) have listened to More Than A Feeling four times tonight while dancing at my desk.

...be working 10 days straight. Buttttt dumb. But, at this point, whatever keeps me on the payroll.

...secretly time myself to see how little time it takes me to do this temporary job. (45 minutes today, written and edited. booyah.)

...want it to be summer DeSPeRaTeLY.

...be excited that I have OnDemand because free movies right now include: To Kill a Mockingbird, Roman Holiday, Seven Year Itch, all three Back to the Futures. Movie Marathon?

...have a love/frustration relationship with romantic feelings in my life. bahhhh.

...potentially have my yearly sinus infection. I'm still kinda sick and my throat has been raspy. Although, I just found out that the person who (probably) got me sick has a respiratory infection......meaning that could be the case, too.

...get a little teary eyes at a particular Kate Voegele song. Without fail. Makes me think of a special Momma--Siovhan moment.

...have to get a root canal. eek. With the pain killers, I think I'll feel like this kid.

...have the entirety of my close circle of Eugene friends talking like me. Phrases like "I may or may not have..." "I Hhhhhate that (with an exended HHHHH)" "Booyah" and excessive use of the word "Dude."

...have received a great box of chocolates as a Valentine's present from my anchor Rick...and already ate the entire box. I need to work on self-control.

...want to run away and live in a tent on the Beach. Fletch here I come.

...be struggling with the diet coke cut out. I relapsed some. But I've cut them down to 2 or 3 a WEEK instead of 2 or 3 a DAY. Progress.

...have curled my hair today. .....and look like Shirley Temple as a result. =]

...and be a mild narcissist because I keep looking at myself in the off-duty TV monitor at my desk.


  1. where on earth do you find those youtube videos??!

    girl you crazy.

  2. i may or may not take pictures of myself on my camera constantly when nobody looks...because who would think a Bolton is narcissistic?

  3. Kinda diggin this "may or may not" theme you have going. It gives you a lot of room.

    Are you getting as much DANG moisture as we are? I didn't think I lived in Oregon/Washington...

    Oh, and I totally get the "Fever Pitch" thing. Unfortunately, when I get homesick I can watch almost any gang-related or super-violent movie with L.A. in it. :)

  4. so it's official...i miss ya tons!!! ps...i'm moving to seattle in april.

  5. ahahahahaha I may or may not have just seen the painkiller video for the first time and oh man, oh man! that mess is nuts!


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