everybody's workin for the weekend

Feb 20, 2009

As I sit here at work on a lovely Friday evening (seriously, it's 50 degrees out in FEBRUARY. SNOW FREE.) inspired by Tracey's lovely post ... and seriously wishing I wasn't at my desk..........

I thought I, too, would compile a list of things I would rather be doing right now.

** Eating my body weight in Mexican Food.

** Oogling Ben Affleck in He's Just Not That Into You.

** Playing with my new phone. (wait, I'm still doing that...)

** Cuddling in my Snuggie (Oh yes. I bought one. Judge me.) watching the Psych season finale or High School Musical 3.

** Cuddling with a really cute boy.

** Watching mind numbing amounts of television while falling into a non-news coma.

** Traipsing through the land of Eugene with people who make me happy about life.

** Not be dealing with silly co-worker drama.

** Be playing in the park with Brandi's kids.

** Disneyland.

** Hang out with my family.

** Drink a pina colada and banana slurpee til my mind goes frozen.

** or, mainly, not be sitting at work at 10pm wondering where my director is half an hour after my shift ended, but my show still isn't done...

big girl jobs are overrated.


  1. i completely agree big girl jobs r overated!! i think 2 myself all of the time-what was i rushing through school for??? sure there were tests-but at least you had fun friends all in your classes and newsroom-and i miss being able 2 sleep whenever i want-apparently that is a big no no in the work place! jk

  2. Wait!!! Where's the "surprise trip to Denver to visit my coolest Aunt/Sister and take care of her kids cause that would be more fun than a big girl job any day" entry?

  3. When you wear a snuggie, do you feel like Obi Wan Kenobi?

    just curious.

  4. oh how i love you! i think the fact that you bought a snuggie makes me love you even more. :)

  5. Asleep on the Subway is GENIUS. Coming to a future post soon.
    I love you siovanalon. And your hometown was lovely to me this past weekend. I miss it dearly.


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