25 Things You May Never Need to Know.

Feb 2, 2009

I was tagged in at least 12 of these notes on Facebook.
So I'm doing it here. Because I can. And I refuse to tag anyone.

1. I lived in a hotel for 3+ months when we first moved to Boston. And for years after I hated staying in hotels, even on vacation.

2. My car is a white '89 Toyota Camry named Jamal.

3. My gmail is notlobs. It's SBolton backwards.

4. I'm not afraid of snakes, lizards or other reptiles. But show me a grasshopper or cricket and I get very nervous.

5. I just bought the 30 Day Shred DVD...and I'm kinda excited to get my butt kicked by an exercise routine.

6. I love the movies Mulan and Parent Trap (with Lindsey Lohan) despite the fact that we watched them every day for a month when we lived in said hotel.

7. My favorite flowers are bright pink or yellow tulips.

8. I have never had a boy I dated buy flowers for me. I've bought TONS for myself. My dad, mom, siblings and aunts have all sent me flowers, but never a boyfriend.

9. I wrote every Comms 211 (News Writing) story while watching Runaway Bride. Apparently it was good inspiration...as I aced that class.

10. I got my first cell phone when I was 17. I've had 9 phones since. I'm looking to buy a Blackberry because they're resilient.

11. I wish I could scrapbook...but my creativity is not easily expressed that way. My mind is too compartmentalized for me to be able to let loose and do it.

12. I love headbands. They accessorize any outfit. Even on a bad hair day, a fat day or a straight up blah day.

13. Any boy becomes instantly more attractive when holding a baby or playing with kids.

14. I've never really been one for trashy tv. You will never find me (of my own volition) watching anything resembling The Real Housewives of ...Anywhere, Rock of Love, or anything like unto it. Grey's Anatomy was too trashy for me.

15. I only watch scary movies with really attractive boys. (I should probably look into a better policy than that, but whatev.)

16. My mom is my BFF.

17. I've had 26 roommates. Of those 26...13 (HALF!!) are now married. I was the good luck charm. So, if you want to get married, jut live with me!

18. Up until this past summer, I could count on two hands the number of times I had cried since the beginning of college. Now I cry all the time.

19. I don't really like Pride and Prejudice. Movie or book. My favorite Jane Austen (by far) is Emma because she's opinionated and kind of a brat. And I'd take a Mr. Knightley over Darcy ANY day.

20. I hate all but 2 Drew Barrymore movies. (Fever Pitch and Never Been Kissed)

21. I have 9 polo shirts, 12 pairs of sunglasses and 5 sets of pearls. I was clearly raised in New England.

22. I house hunt for my dream home. A lot. I want lots of light, but not lots of windows because that reminds me of a horror movie.

23. One time, on my birthday, it was raining so hard and my two friends and I were so bored we made up our faces with "war paint," attached "capes" (aka towels) to our shirts and ran around outside doing a rain dance. We were 15.

24. I covet a queen sized bed.

25. Last week, for the first time in my life, I heard the words, "Siovhan, you are so quiet. You need to talk more." This to the girl who lived half of elementary school segregated from her classmates because she loved socializing too much. I'm one of those people who need people.


  1. I'm with ya on the trashy TV. I saw one second of Grey's and walked away. Gross. Oh, P.S. i miss seeing you daily and having talks!

  2. That's funny you mention trashy tv and Fever Pitch because I think Fever Pitch is pretty trashy. :)

    Love the one about polo's and pearls.

  3. Cheri--it was what I watched when I got homesick for Boston. And it is kinda trashy...which is something I really should think about.

  4. Is it possible that lartobs is actually S Bo-tral?

    This question plagues me as I sit here, ready to comment.

    At first I thought she was your mom, because if you are Notlobs, then obviously, your Mom would be Lartobs. Yep, I'm nuts.

  5. Lartobs is Laura Tobler.

    My momma is under Howard Bolton Family, and she would be notlobm.

  6. uh...i remember that birthday "party" with Holly....that was a great day.


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