How many blondes does it take to sit in a chair...

Jan 8, 2009

I walked back from filming tonight's cable newscast (I'll post about my temporary new job soon, promise) ....

sat down in my chair ...

and within a matter of minutes...

I was flat on my back on the floor and I'm still not sure how it happened.

But the worst part of the whole situation: that moment of utter humiliation was, by far, the funniest and happiest part of my day.


  1. Oh, Siovhan. On my very first day of class at BYU, I sat in a chair in the front of the JSB auditorium for Econ 110. About 10 minutes into the lecture, my chair collapsed to the ground and I went with it. Dr. Kearl was not amused and I was pretty much terrified. So yeah, I feel your pain. And I guess that makes the answer "2".

  2. Oh, the humiliation. I understand that you were observed doing this complete somersault. You are so good to laugh at yourself. Others would fret and make things worse by becoming angry.

    I am counting down the hours to your, "Complete Happiness Tour." I hope the weather is compatible with your schedule.

    Take a nice hoodie and a coat!

    (Once a know the rest.)

  3. P/S I almost chose the same background for my blog! Too funny.

  4. Siovhan, it's snow and ice season, which means slip and fall season. May the embarassing moments roll on! P.S. I am no rocket scientist, but is the Howard Bolton Family your family?

  5. So, I think your question should be, "Can a blonde actually sit in a chair?", instead of, "How many blondes...."

    The answer would be, "No."


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