Dear [loves of my] Life...

Jan 13, 2009

Dear whirlwindlovin,
travel. rinse. repeat.

Dear LyndsiShae,
An excerpt from my actual journ: I long t show you the continuning revolution in my heart and in my life. Your name is synonymous with freedom and simple, sincere honesty in my eyes. ...I love the woman you are and am excited and hopeful for the woman you are becoming. You have all the promise and the world which you readily fulfill.
♥, your shavondah.

Dear Brooklyn,
Thanks for sharing your LyndsiShae with me. I missed seeing you, though.

Dear MeganAnn,
I just want to cuddle and partybed and love and be with you forever and ever, amen.
I'm so excited for your journey of self acceptance and discovery. .

Dear Mr. Darcy,
You are tender.
But Knightley remains better...once you finish, you'll see.
Everyone needs a little sass.

Dear Inner Self--
Give it up.
Let it be.
Love yourself.
Be free.

Dear Delta Airlines Nast Gingeresque Cookie Wannabees,
Karma payback pure awesomeness form.

Dear Provo lovin,
I loved seeing who I could.
I'll see everyone else next time.
Love you forever.

Dear Eug hearts,
I missed you.
Home is where your heart is and my heart keeps growing to fit more places.
Including y'all.
Whoa. weird.

Dear j.,
I really did miss you.
I'm excited for our weekend.


  1. Its 3 in the morning. I am awake. (Shocker!) I just caught myself up on your blog which, unfortunately, did not take that long. So, then I went back and read my favorite parts again. I love your words. I believe in you. I am proud that you are supporting your inner nomad by letting yourself burst in Eugene. Own it woman. You are more than enough.

  2. Annnd I may or may not have just looked up the flight prices from here to eugene. $300ish there and back. And found out that it takes 13 hours to drive-- 825 miles... which is roughly 6 tanks of gas there and back; so it'd be cheaper to drive, except it would take all friday to get there and all sunday to get back so for $150 and a miracle that helps me drive more than 3 hours at a time-- I could get a Saturday with you. Hello runon sentence of my life. From here, we should further simplify and make this work, k? Goodnight lovie.

  3. Dear Sivhan.. You come to Provo and didnt even call me? I am very upset and mad at you! What the freak?

  4. Siovhan, I don't get it. I'm sorry. Maybe you could provide a brief explanation?

  5. Were you in Provo? Hey, remember, I am Grammy and would like a call or two or three. Did you know to cut out your snowflake and paste it on your window? I know you spent the $.

  6. Gee thankssssssss a lottttttt.....



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