Stupid Work

Dec 28, 2008

So I have to work today (Sunday) one of my all-time-least-favorite things to do. And it's a really, really slow news day. At least I can pull stuff from yesterday's shows. (p.s. sorry about my emotional last was a hardcore bad day.)

But this weekend (my one day weekend) was fun. Sarah got me started on Grey's Anatomy. It wasn't really a fight...Patrick Dempsey is a HOTTIE (John says I just like his floppy hair...). Plus, I didn't have much to do. Friday night I got off work late...and ditched Laser Tag (oops. I probably should have gone.) chill on my couch in my pajamas. With Sarah. John came over too for a little while, which was fantastic.

With some Christmas money I bought my first piece of Eugene--an Oregon Ducks Hoodie.
It's the Victoria Secret Pink Collegiate Edition. And it was on freakin huge clearance.

And for Christmas I got some majorly awesome stuff. Some GORGEOUS jewelry from Santa, a bamboo spatula, and bamboo back scratcher (complete with complementary organic towels)...

this gorgeous Willow Tree Nativity Scene

this gorgeous china, and table linens to coordinate,

My wonderful friends and their families were so kind to me during the Holidays. I ate more food than anyone ever should. And each home had a stocking for me. Libby's parents filled mine so much candy. Sarah's family gave me even more candy, lip gloss and a wonderful card.

Libby designed and made a necklace for me, got me a book and a new journal. And Sarah got me some makeup bags, an oil warmer and a ring that says "Ama La Vida" on the top and the inside says "Se Valiente" (it means "Love Life" "Be Courageous.").

And Sarah and I found the world's smallest flat iron yesterday! It's SO tiny, and even plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car.

I hope all your Christmases were very Merry, Bright and Cheerful. And I hope you're enjoying your day!!


  1. I love my girl!!!! I think she is awesome. And I hope she used Gramps' and Gammy's money to buy something as neat as the stuff she has posted.

  2. Love the sweatshirt! I wanted one so bad! I may still get one... do you like it??

  3. Wow! Looks like someone, somewhere, really loves you! Thanks for the thoughts. I woke up really sick yesterday. I will try and call you soon. I miss talking to you. Now I will have to try to figure out a good time to call, with you schedule change.

    Hope your first day went well.

    LY! Mom


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