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Dec 7, 2008

My friend LyndsiShae is one of the most fabulous people I know. And she's a fantastic writer.
I loved her last post so much, I decided to do my own version.

1. I got talked to at work the other day for the fact that all the producers cut weather out of the shows too often. We have 8 weather segments in the show I cut one out of. (cough*overkill*cough) And I didn't feel bad. AT ALL.
2. I walk around my office barefoot. A lot.
3. I like to make faces at myself in the mirror.
4. I like kissing boys.
5. I would probably eat mexican food everyday if i could.
6. I miss BYU mint brownies.
7. Sometimes I flake out on plans. Or avoid them.
8. I think about punching a particular co-worker
9. I'm often a lot harder on myself than I ever will be on anyone else.
10. My heart hurts from stories I read at least once a day.
11. I always want to grow my hair out but I don't have the patience for it.


  1. I'm with you on the last one. I've been trying to do it since. . . oh almost 10 years ago. You know, the year after I cut it all off. At least it's decently long enough to have it up right now. FYI, you need pictures of you in the wilderness of Oregon.

  2. I think I'm going to have to say ditto to all of those -- except the walking around w/o shoes.

    The weather thing is so funny. We have weather on the 3's in our morning shows...and I'm like - it's Vegas - it's hot. That's all we have!!!!!


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