Dec 13, 2008

I have insomnia...
(I blame my night owl work schedule)
The Famous Jett Jackson Movie is on.
I'm never sleepin'.


  1. We were just talking about the fabulous Jet Jackson and how much we missed the old characters of the tv shows! Funny. I would have watched it as well.

  2. Hey, I am an insomniac too! And it is definitely due to my work schedule. Oh the joys of broadcast journalism. We should chat on facebook at 3 in the morning :)

  3. sketchy big lips -- seriously! They're terrifying!!!

    I'm back on my blog! The last two weeks I had to produce a billion shows. I did the noon all one week... and then the 5am all the next week. I'm finally back to my regular schedule-whew.

    Oh, and I did the picture tag... good thinking with the 4th of everything.

    Oh, and love Jet Jackson!!!!!

  4. how did you get your blog list to update???

  5. Disney Original Movies were the highlight of my high school social life/downtime.
    You can quote me on that.


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