Dec 3, 2008

A favorite apostle of mine passed away today. Joseph B. Wirthlin. This man's life of dedicated service, intelligence and kindness is one I have revered for a long time. His talks will greatly be missed in my General Conference viewing.
This talk (it comes in 2 parts) is one of my very favorites from the past few conferences. I cried through the entire thing and, honestly, I believe I am a better person for hearing this talk.
And this is the Elder Wirthlin's testimony. Simple, loving and poignant.
And this is Carol Mikita's biopic on Elder Wirthlin from KSL.


  1. Wow, doesn't he look so YOUNG in that picture!?

    That is also one of my favorite talks; we were in Hawaii for our anniversary and were so nervous as we watched him struggle. But he was determined to deliver his message and I cried through the whole thing, especially as his dearest friend helped him as he stood there.

    Thanks for your tribute; it makes me feel all warm inside. And thank you for always using correct grammar - that also makes me warm inside. :) (Do you know how hard that is to come by on blogs???)

  2. I tired to send out an e-mail featuring the article from the Deseret News to all of our family. For some unknown reason, the e-mail site was overloaded. So there you are. I guess everybody else was sending tributes to this great man. Did you see his funeral?


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