Some random facts about my evening.

Nov 23, 2008

1. Max Hall kills my life. End of story. I don't want to discuss it any more.

2. I went to Target this evening to buy new foundation because I bought the wrong shade last time and it's like 3 shades darker than my face.

3. I proceeded to do a bad thing and buy some clearance stuff. I bought a skirt because I can always use more (yay church AND work!). But my favorite thing I purchased tonight (besides the 100 calorie 3 Musketeers bars...yay!) were these babies:
4. I went to play football tonight with some guys (and one other girl) from my ward. But on my way to find the field I was listening to a mix my little brother made me. On it was a song by Bette Midler (a family favorite) and I got all teary eyed. It was so cliche, but felt so good. I love my family and miss them terribly.

5. Like I said, I went to play football. It was my own personal worst performance. I wasn't willing to sacrifice for the ball (with my penchant for ridiculous injuries)...and sucked due in part to the fact that I think one of the boys is really cute. BUT I did manage to completely take out one of the guys. It was pretty funny. I pummeled him. I think I earned cool points for that. Otherwise, I mainly just sucked it up.

6. After this I went to my co-workers' birthday cocktail party. As a non-drinker, this is one of those mildly awkward, somewhat humorous, eventually mundane experiences. Dan was really sweet and made sure I felt like I belonged even though I wasn't drinking (have I professed my never-ending love for Dan lately? He's the best.). It was definitely quite the experience.

3. When I got home I was really awake...because all I had to drink all night was Diet Coke...and I turned on Muppets From Space (it's currently free OnDemand, and one of my VERY favorite under-rated movies). And when Gonzo is talking to Noah, I got teary-eyed again. Apparently I'm a little lonely.

Well, I probably should get to bed...seeing as my numbering goes 1,2,3,4,5,6,3. Yeah. Night y'all.


  1. well what a lovely night! It seems as if kaitlyn was trying to be able to soon sing "i kissed a girl and i liked it" hahahha-- jk. But really you should have taken her credit card.... okay don' do that. I love the shoes!! And I get that way where everything makes me emotional. I hate that!

  2. Siovhan. I had a similar experience at my best friend's wedding last weekend. I think I was the only sober person in the place! It was funny, interesting, but yes--mundane.

  3. Sober is always much better. Being away from "drinking buddies" is even better.

  4. Love the shoes. Love being the sober party guests. Nothing like sitting back with a Diet Coke, watching people get hammered.

  5. hahahaha....yeah that seems really funny...

  6. you totally should have taken her credit should do it constantly and tell her it's because drinking is bad and you're trying to cure her bad habits...lolcats maverick

  7. mildly awkward, somewhat humorous, eventually mundane experiences...

    I'm proud of you for bein a strong woman. Sometimes its like once we're outta high school its no longer a big deal that we opt out of tha-crunk. But actually, it still is.

    I miss you a lot for the way you come home sober to watch gonzo.

    I love you Siovhan.


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