Seventeen Weird Things About Me.

Nov 16, 2008

Tag dos.
The Rules: Post a list of 17 little known, random, obscure, or unique qualities or stories, etc. about yourself. Tag 17 friends.

1. I have never made the two full years for a phone upgrade. My phones experience too much wear and tear or general freak-out-age for that. I've had multiple simply cease working for me.

2. I lived in the home of the Best Snow on Earth and I still can't ski or snowboard. I vow to learn every year, though. But I am going to do it this year, even if it's alone. I want to learn to snowboard more than ski because secretly I think it's more hardcore. (don't tell bryce.)

3. I hate when people use the word disillusion when they actually mean delusion. They're antonyms and it drives me nuts.

4. I organize my closet by color, then each color from light to dark and by sleeve length. I'm mildly OCD, I think.

5. I have this comic posted in my car because I feel like that almost every day.
6. I'm terribly proud of my heritage...and am a little bit of an Anglofile as a result. I love all things England.

7. I think about my Disneyland trip EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. It might be my happiest day of the past 5 years.

8. I am the prototypical definition of a night owl. I can function much better at 3 am than I can at 9 am.

9. I graduated from College. I have a Bachelor of the ARTS degree. And yet, I think LOLCats is one of the funniest and best things ever. Everyone needs a little LOLcats.

10. Ironically, I HATE the expression LOL with a passion. I'd rather type haha, or bahaha. And I typically judge people who use LOL. Megan and I called them lolliacs for a while.

11. I promised myself I would never date a guy with a truck because I've met too many guys who love their trucks more than their girlfriends.

12. I secretly love to dress up sometimes just for the shock factor. I'm usually pretty minor maintenance ... but I clean up good.

13. I was a cuddle hussy all during college. I cuddled with EVERYONE. Andrea called it lovable. Megan chuckled and asked me to teach her the ways. But I cuddled with ALL my guy friends. The only rules were I didn't cuddle with friends boyfriends (with the exception of Joey who was likewise just a cuddle hussy).

14. Growing up The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie. But as I've gotten older the "princess" I've identified most with is Mulan. She's kinda awkward and clumsy and a late bloomer. Me, too.

15. I don't set my alarm for 7:00, or 7:05 or increments of :05 like most people. Mine are always like 10:48, 9:18, 11:03. No rhyme or reason to it. My snooze is also 7 minutes.

16. The people I text the most are my siblings. And that's saying something. I text a lot.

17. I use a quote from either Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, She's The Man, or SNL in almost every conversation I have. I don't care if you get it or not. But if you do, you bond yourself to me instantly.


  1. fun random facts. although youre number four, sadly, is a dead ringer for my closet too. sometimes i even sneak into anthonys closet and try to convert him. my kids are just plain destined for their ocd inheritance as i organize their closet the same way i do mine. i can think of worse things though! :)

  2. Love your tags. NOt bold enough to post them on my blog yet.... what's wrong with me?

  3. hahaha... ok typing lol has always annoyed me too. BUt I just recently started using it in my texts/comments. haha! That's so funny.

    haha... and i love how you use quotes from those movies in regular conversation. There should be some kind of word for doing that. Quotersating or something.

  4. I TOTALLY set my alarm clocks at weird odd numbered times too!
    LOL- judge me. jk. haha


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