quirky turkey

Nov 27, 2008

As part of Get to Know You Week, (which, I guess, is technically over, but still...) Andy over at Wild ARS Chase challenged his readers (and loyal followers) to do a Get to Know You post of their own. I was going to do a post of 100 things about me...but I was lazy and I'm still thinkin about stuff.

But here, instead, are some
Quirks About Me

1. If I'm eating a handful of something little (i.e. Cheerios, chocolate chips, candy, etc.) I have to chew it evenly on each side of my mouth. If I chew two on the left I have to chew two on the right. And if I start on the left side...then for the next grouping (left: 1, right; 1) i have to start on the right.

2. I don't just order my closet by color...but then by sleeve length as well. And my jeans are organized by which ones I like best to least.

3. We all know I have a Diet Coke problem...but I like it when I open a can...take a sip and then leave it for a few minutes so that it defizzes some. I don't like majorly fizzy soda (that's why I like it best from the fountain).

4. My friends all tease me because I can recall quotes from pretty much any movie I've seen...and I quote them even when no one knows.

5. I have music-a.d.d. I change the song on my iPod, the radio station, the pandora station ALL THE TIME because I get bored too easily.

6. I can twist, fold and make a clover with my tongue. Now just to find a tongue origami club. (haha.)

7. I HATE it when people spell simple things wrong in their facebook statuses (stati?) thereby making them not make sense or just plain retarded. (Example from today: "Kellie Marie is with my favorite lady. World makes since again." hahahahahahaha.)

8. I'm 22 years old and I watch almost as much Disney Channel as any 11 year old I know. (I'm watching Corey in the House as you....read.)

....I'm sure there are more...but I'm tired. Happy napping!


  1. Oh, don't feel bad. Audrey and I watched The Suite Life today. Dillon and I watched The Santa Clause 2 last night. You can never have enough Disney. :)

  2. I think you are fun and darling and not quirky at all. You know the thing I HATE? I dislike having people correct my grammar when they are wrong!

  3. Very interesting quirks! I agree about misspellings, especially when they're SUCH dumb mistakes. And it bugs me when people do it in their blogs. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don't use punctuation and several sentences together in one it's so terrible. :)


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