Election Night Stats:

Nov 5, 2008

6 cut-ins produced
6 cut-ins aired
3 cut-ins that went off near flawless

shows produced
1 show aired

4 diet colas
3 bottles of water
5 cookies
3 pieces of pizza
15 times I've thought I'm going to puke for eating all that...

30ish jokes made that I'm a republican

I think I said "Maverick" 19 times

Number of times I wish I worked for CNN: 902309823y479y9823u489287r
Reasons I wish I did: Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper. But other than that the AWESOME hologram effect they've got, the virtual maps and interactive monitors, the election panel, and OPRAH.

30 minutes: the time I spent trying to explain to Ben that while he thought Boston/New England was the breeding ground for white-collar conservatives...he was DEAD wrong. That I grew up being one of very few Republicans in my high school. The conversation started with "Sorry your team lost." hah. sad day.

2012: The race I'm working on ... with Romney cohorts. :)


  1. i thnk i've said maverick like 129 times over the past 2 days...and ben can be ignorant...lol. does he care that osama (i mean obama ;}) won???

  2. I am not trying to ignore you. I don't have a voice. It has been quite humorous trying to do Seminary and teach the older people, when no one can hear you, and they don't really care to listen.

    Your blog is so funny. I was laughing.

    Love you!


    P/S Make good choices. ;-)


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