a dream is a wish your heart makes...really?!

Nov 9, 2008

On Sunday I took a nap after church ...and after watching Elf. And I'm not sure what combination of things it was to make me have one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. I don't remember everything but what I do remember I thought someone out there might find amusing.

I was clearly in a very large house...one I was, presumably, living in. It was little like a Real World house having several college aged coeds living within its walls. The boys and the girls lived in different corridors, sharing only the common spaces of the house.
Now here's some background info. In college I had a friend in the Broadcasting program who I always thought was terribly good looking and really cool and suave ... and would have liked nothing more than for said friend to think I was awesome too. I didn't even need him to romantically think I was awesome...just generally.

Well, in the dream I was apparently dating said friend and we were sitting on the couch talking. Through the course of the conversation we had gotten closer in proximity (like couples are wont to do). We gazed into each others eyes, he leaned in, my eyes closed ... and HE LICKED MY FACE. Yes, in my own psyche, the boy I loved licked my face. It was a big, wet, lick too. Like the kind from your childhood dog.

The next thing I remember is being in the gift shop/a casino-esque area of what I remember being both Vegas AND Disneyland. I was there with several friends (none of whom I could distinguish...I just knew they were friends). Well amongst these friends were two former Professors, both Doctor Cressman and Brother Walz. In the course of our trip, I discovered I was a secret agent...that we were ALL secret agents; and that the Professors were the heads of our "agency". And Professor Walz kept calling me Agent 14...and I clearly remember thinking ... 'well, that's much easier to remember than my real name, huh, walz?' (he called me Linsdey all year...). Then I walked farther into the recesses of the "gift store" looked at a bag as I thought to myself 'I need something to remember this trip by.'

And then I woke up. Weird.


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