Dear November 4th,

Nov 4, 2008

I decided to renew an endeavor I took upon me awhile back. So now I am reinstating a (hopefully) weekly feature: Dear Life...a forum for expression of thoughts, opinions, and general musings when the intended can't be easily reached.

Dear Election Day,
We all know I am a majorly big fan of yours. I have campaigned in 4 different states for many different candidates in order to get my fill of "democracy driven action". But on this most hallowed of days ... I can't help but think about how I get to be at work for at least 12 hours...non-stop...on the go...reporting. Yes. I get to produce the cut-ins...which is basically a giant numbers reporting spiel. Yay me. (Remind my why I didn't look into that press secretary job...) But I am excited to wear my
"Future President" t-shirt to work tomorrow.

Dear hair,
grow. now.
or i will chop you.

Dear TE,
Yes I have a little crush on you. I would be the first to admit that I get a little gigglier (amazingly, a real word) when you come and chat with me. But when you showed up glasses...I almost perished. I maintain that boys look really cute in glasses.

Dear SNL,
You crack me up. Thank you for playing my favorite Sarah Palin/Tina Fey sketches tonight: "I can see Russia from my house," "For all you 'Joe-Six-Packs' at home playing a drinking game...Maverick," "Are we at the talent portion yet?"

Dear Sinus Headache,
It was awesome ...and by awesome I mean near-death wake up with a stellar migraine today. Let's never do it again. And I mean that.

Dear cell phone,
I can't wait for my upgrade. You drive me INSANE. Now with the shutting off at random moments...I'm through. I'm looking into actually investing money in a newer model in order to maintain a better relationship with your replacement. Now just to figure out if i want the PROPEL ... the BLACKJACK ... or the BlackBerry CURVE. I want a phone that's more durable and worth it. I love the Curve...but right now I'm leaning more toward the Propel, but I worry about the sliding mechanism going out on me. **Input is greatly appreciated if you have/love/hate with a fiery burning passion one of said phones.

Dear elipses,
I blame our love affair on work. And my dear readers ... please forgive the abundance of these little guys. in broadcast, we don't really use commas. (that's for the teleprompter)

Dear Insomnia,
Even the Nyquil's not helping. Drat.


  1. I use ellipses with reckless abandon... I love this post idea and am now jealous I didn't think of it... Oh, and for my news work, I'm doing a 6 p.m.-3 a.m. shift today

  2. Broadcast...has gotten me into an incurable habit...of using these...too.

  3. i really enjoy reading your blog posts. no wonder your mom used to always tell me how funny you are. i hope you're enjoying the west coast.

    thanks for the comment - i'll be starting christmas as soon as i can sit and walk like a normal person!!

    p.s. spencer uses ellipses ALL the time, in place of periods, commas, everything else... it's hilarious. :)

  4. Whoa ... for a second there I almost thought that by TE you meant you had a friend-crush on me. Shucks.

    I, too, use ellipses all the time. I blame it on IMing too much and the lack of a better way to type out pauses.


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