Nov 11, 2008

If you happen to love history...or be a nerd...or both (like me!)...then this is the quiz for you.
Who is your Presidential Soulmate?


John F Kennedy - The preppy president.

JFK was like that popular guy at your school who's not just rich and gorgeous and good at everything but also actually NICE. The quadruple threat. And that means that, to be his girlfriend, you'd be fighting off basically every other female in the universe -- which would just make it all the sweeter when he picked you. Way too cool, confident, and original for flowers and standard romantic gestures, he'd probably surprise you with books he'd chosen just for you -- because he'd love you for your brain as well as your style. And he'd be equally happy staying in and watching dumb TV with you as he would be going out dressed to the nines and making everyone jealous. But I hate to break it to you: he'd pretty much be cheating on you the whole time. It would just be physical though; he'd love you way more than those other girls.

Sound Familiar? ...Like all the other guys I've dated?
Even the fake-o presidential guy I pick is a tool. Wow.
I sure know how to pick 'em.

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