Voter Registration

Oct 3, 2008

So in my preparation for official residency as well as the '08 elections, I was checking out identification requirements for Oregon. And then I stumbled across something funny.

Well, here in Oregon homeless people can still register to vote by "using a descriptive address such as 'under the west end of the Burnside Bridge.'"

Oh. My.

While, yes, it's totally their duty and right to still vote, I just love that they use an example like that. Yes, I live under the left park bench in the Oakridge park... wow. ...I wonder if it's like that in other states.

**Note** In Oregon, you don't go to the poll to vote. You vote by mail. Making this issue all the more problematic. Hah.


  1. HAHAHA!!!! Ohhhhh man. Yeah, that's why I love my home state. :) I didn't know that though. I wonder if the mailman delivering the ballot has to track them down with that info?

  2. that made me lol so hard...especially now that my brain's fried from SATs.

  3. So funny! One of my employees down here in AZ moved here from Bend, OR and she can't even get her AZ license because OR is so funny! She moved here to the US as a kid from the Philippines, but apparently an OR driver's license doesn't necessarily guarantee that you are a US citizen? So she has to find her official papers before she can do anything. Nevermind the fact that she's been living in AZ for over a year now ...

  4. STUPID! That actually makes me annoyed.. I guess I shouldn't be mad, and yeah, everyone should get the opportunity to vote. But honestly... i think there should be some kind of test before you cast your vote. Like everyone should be able to pass a test on the candidates' policies... There are so many dumb people that vote!

  5. ROFL! That's why the news industry exists. why don't you "expose" the injustice of the homeless sector's inability to really vote... you know, just because you have a place to live, doesn't mean you can get a ballot. There has to be a legislator involved somewhere... ooooohhhh the thrill! jk


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