This beeping is going to drive me insane.

Oct 9, 2008

I can't figure out how to replace my battery in my smoke alarm. It's driving me insane. I bought batteries and everything but I'm terrified I'll electrocute myself in the process. I need someone to tell me which circuit to turn off and how to unplug it. ....Oh maintenance.....

But I have "What Not to Wear" and various Food Network shows OnDemand. Mmm. I know how my night's gonna go.

OH! And I FINALLY figured out what I'm going to be for Halloween (an integral part of my happiness). I'm going to be a kindergartener. I bought a High School Musical t-shirt today at ShopKo for $5...and some Hannah Montna socks (4pack) for $1. I'll put my hair in pig tails, add some scrunchies, roll my pants, wear a backpack and a nametag. I'm stoked.

And I'm in love with Jack's Mannequin's newest CD. Mmm. Andrew McMahon. What a hottie.


  1. can't electrocute yourself on that one, but can get a good buzz.... :) have fun on halloween! I love October! pooh pooh to all the anti-halloweeners out there. what better holiday: pretend to be someone else and get a whole bunch of candy... uh, yeah!

  2. i still read your blog, and from this small gesture i am hoping to communicate-- that i still love you.

    remember how you used to say that your mom called you a fireball or a spitfire or somethin? Download Firecracker by Josh Turner. It reminds me of you, which is slightly obscene, but nonetheless true and unsurprising.

    I hope you make Eugene a sassy mess.


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