Things I'm Crazy About Right Now

Oct 19, 2008 well as a couple that may be entitled "Things that may mean I am crazy".

I love the sweater-dress craze. In fact, while shopping for groceries and other stuff, I bought a rockin one on sale at Target this weekend. I also bought some rockin houndstooth print tights to go with it. They're hot pink. And adorable.

I found this today:
it's the new ice cream maker attachment for Kitchenaid mixers. What will they think of next? Oh my. This seriously makes my heart happy. Oh so does this article.

I'm obsessed with this bag. It comes in pink too. It's from that website I mentioned before. . They have some gorgeous bags there.

I love this blog. I think I might just be slightly sadistic because sometimes I enjoy the epic failings of others ... (others I like are AmyOops and EnglishFails). Here are some of my favorite cake failings (and not so failing) from this week.
Awesome Batman Cake.
Super Mario Wedding?, thanks.
Jaws cupcakes cake. That one makes me laugh really hard.

My mega rad mother bought me this little clutch
if you click on'll see that it's adorable and made of soda can toppers...and came in the cutest little Coca-Cola bag. Because I, clearly, have a Diet Coke problem.

And I needed new face wash and decided to try out the Neutrogena Wave.

Let me tell you, I've used it just twice so far and I can already feel a difference. It's a really deep clean feeling you get ... and my skin already feels softer. I might be in love.

Here's the I'm mildly crazy note. I was watching Friends the other night trying to fall asleep and it was the one where the girls lose their apartment to the boys. One of the questions in the game they're playing is "What is Monica's biggest pet peeve?" and the answer is "Animals dressed up like people!" Well I didn't sleep well that night and the next day I went to talk to the HR lady about insurance and she had a calendar with dressed up animals and I remember thinking "Monica would hate that" ... like we were real friends. Wow.

I posted pictures of my apartment on my facebook. Just FYI.

I've become very interested in house hunting. I blame it on my parents who, as a child, drug me through countless model homes and open houses. (My dad even took me to a few when he came to visit me at school a couple of months ago.) But now I love it. I love looking at pictures of pretty homes and imagining how I would decorate them or how it would be to live there.
Here are some gorgeous ones I've looked at.
A girl can dream, right?

And I made some new friends this week. Actually ... we all made some new friends this week. Crazy McCain Rally lady and Joe the Plumber. Alex's blog has the SNL video I've watched like 90 times. But, despite how undecided I am about the whole voting thing, how great was Sarah Palin on SNL last night?! I thought she was best during the Weekend Update rap. hahah.


  1. Oh good! I'm not the only one who has watched it 90 times!!! I wish you were here so we could watch it together! Miss you.

  2. hahaha - okay I'm obsessed with Friends...and I've seen every episode a billion times!!! I laughed so hard about how you thought "monica would hate that" cause I do that all the time. It's sooo sooo sad. I also do the same thing with the characters of Desperate Housewives... I'll be shopping and say -- "wow, gabby would totally wear this." So unfortunate. Now I have to go check out that cake blog!

  3. omgosh...cake blog is so hilarious!!! The jaws cake was totally creepy, I'm not so sure I want to eat the cupcake with bloody hands and feet... and the cake with the baby bursting out of the mother's stomach...hahaha... oh my gosh! i can't stop laughing


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