Music notes (heh heh heh...)

Oct 23, 2008

So in the newsroom tonight we were discussing music. Mostly after Ben JUMPED onto the desk and began a rendition of West Side Story. Yes, I was the only one to get the "when you're a jet you're a jet for life" reference. He kept snapping and humming all night.

But in our discussion I claimed, "I like pretty much everything but grunge rock and hardcore rap." They didn't believe me. Until I whipped out the iPod. It made me think about just how eclectic my tastes are. When put on random these are the first few artists/groups that come up:

Daughtry, Kate Voegele, Abba, Rascal Flatts, Bing Crosby, Kanye West, Anberlin, High School Musical, Phil Collins, BYU Singers, Mae, The Beatles, Something Corporate, T-Pain, The Cast of Aida, Sum 41, Men Without Hats, Jimmy Eat World, Taylor Swift. .....Yeah we've got alternative/pop, folksy pop, abba, country, classics, hip hop, r&b, disney, 80s, broadway, alternative, the beatles, yep. We're good.

Oh and in our ever continuing discussion of James Bond, Ben asked if he could call me Moneypenny, because I remind him of her. Haha. I am totally fine with that.

And now to our funny video of the day. I can totally see this happening to me.


  1. Your iPod sounds a lot like mine. Sigh. If only everyone could appreciate good music, no matter what the genre...

  2. Is the video for real, or is it staged? I just can't believe that would actually happen!

  3. It totally looks like the guy grabs her legs and pulls her down! Watch and see what I mean.

  4. Crazy old Siovhan, always good for a laugh... :) (name the movie)

  5. hahaha- when you're a jet your a jet all the way from your first cigarette to your last dying day!!! That's totally how my ipod is too!


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